6I-8911: Disc-Friction
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    6I-8911: Disc-Friction

    Part Number: 6I-8911
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Friction Disc

    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Cat drive train components must endure incredible torque, high impact loads, and frequent direction and gear changes. Cat designs and manufactures its transmissions and final drive components with these demands in mind. The result is a drive train that lasts longer and works harder over the life of the machine. Cat friction discs are designed to work within the transmission system to absorb the high power and energy during shifting.

    • Multiple parallel groove pattern optimized for cooling.
    • (52) tooth internal spline provides exact OEM fit.

    Cat friction discs are used as part of the transmission system to provide maximum performance and life to the drivetrain. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 128.6
    • Outside Diameter (mm): 216
    • Thickness (mm): 4
    12H NA 160K, 160M, 160M 3 AWD 120M, 12M 2 160H ES 160H, 160M 2 140M, 12H, 120K 2 140M 2 14M-3 140K, 12M, 12K, 120H NA 140H NA 140H, 120H, 16M, 163H, 12M 3 AWD 143H, 160M 3 120M 2 140K 2 12M 3 135H, 12H ES 14M, 140H ES 140M 3 AWD 140M 3 160H NA 18M3, 120K, 120H ES 14L 135H NA 163H NA 14M3, 16M3

    motor graders
    16M3, 120K, 12K, 160M3AWD, 140M3AWD, 12M3AWD, 120K2, 160M3, 140M3, 12M3