6J-2680: O-ring
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    6J-2680: O-ring

    Part Number: 6J-2680
    Brand: Cat
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    O-Rings are mainly used in static application as both axial or radial seals to prevent leakage and contamination.

    Cat® O-Rings are made from materials that are matched to the fluids, temperatures and pressures found in Cat® engines and machines. The materials resist wear and extrusion, and provide superior resistance to seal compression set. In addition, certain Cat® O-Rings are coated with PTFE to minimize seal twisting and cutting during seal installation.

    Dimensions of our O-Rings are consistently held to tight tolerances to ensure they fit properly into seal grooves with the necessary seal compression.

    With over 2500 O-Rings in different sizes and materials, Cat® O-Rings are your best solution for your Cat and other mobile equipment O-Ring needs.

    Cat® sealing system uses a robust design, testing, and validation process. Buy the latest Genuine Cat seal to protect your investment.

    O-Rings are used in a wide variety of applications throughout the entire Cat® product line.

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including 1,3-Butadiene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • US
    • Metric
    • Applications: Ambient temperature fuel handling; High and low pressure LPG service; Hydraulic fluids (to 10,335 kPa/1,500 psi); Power steering seals; Radiator thermostat seals
    • Coating: None
    • Compatible With: Abrasion resistant; Alpha-Olefin base synthetic lubricants; Ethylene Glycol; Hydrocarbon fuels; Petroleum base lubricants; Silicone oils and greases; Water, water base engine coolants; ORFS, STORS seals
    • Cross Section Diameter (in): 0.14
    • Cross Section Diameter (mm): 3.5
    • Dash Size (in): 232
    • Inside Diameter (in): 2.73
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 69
    • Material: NBR - Nitrile, NBR (90)
    • Material Description: NBR is a versatile material with good abrasion and cut resistance. It works well in Air, Engine Oil, Diesel Fuel, Coolant/Urea, Hydraulic Oil and Automatic Transmission Fluid applications. Do not use with Biodiesel.
    • Not Compatible With: Automotive and aircraft brake fluids; High levels of ozone; Ketones; Phosphate ester fluids; Strong acids; UV light
    • Notes: Dimensions and Material Descriptions provided for reference only. Color may differ from image.
    • Primary Sealing Material: Rubber
    • Seal Inside Diameter (mm): 69.44
    • Seal/O-Ring Type: Standard
    • Temperature (°C): -40 - 100
    • Temperature (°F): -40 - 212
    wheel tractor-scraper
    627B, 621B, 633D, 631K, 621, 623F, 627E, 623E, 651B, 627K LRC 621E, 613, 633B 621H, 631E, 637E, 627F, 623K, 637G, 613C, 639D, 613G, 621F, 613C II 633, 657E, 621R, 623B, 621K OEM 631G, 637K, 657B, 623G, 627G, 641B, 623K LRC

    underground articulated truck
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    15 to 18 liter

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    engine - industrial
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    articulated dump truck
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    motor graders
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    45, 55, 35

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    integrated toolcarrier
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    industrial loaders

    235, 320C, 325D L 320B N 320D2 GC 320B L 320D2, 322B LN 312C L 345B L 336D L 345B II 345C, 558 390D, 329E L 336E L 324D L 320-A 345C L 336D2 L 336F LN XE 320D2 L 385C, 349D2, 315D L 385B, 349D2 L 320D LN 325C L 390F L 349F L 320B FM LL 245, 314D CR 325C, 312D, 320D3 365B, 324E L 323D L 325B L 312-A 330D L 336F, 235C, 314D LCR 330C L 385C FS 326D2, 329D2, 322C, 225, 349E L 349D L 336F L 320D L 345C MH 315C, 326D2 L M325D L MH 319D L 325D MH 345D L VG 325C FM 225D, 568 FM 312D2 L 324E LN 322C FM 330D MH 538 323D2 L 313D2 GC 349E L HVG 235B, 312C, 330D, 329D L 336D, 330F, 326F, 330B L 323D LN 245D, 312B, 365B L 325F 330D2 L 340F, 350 L 321B, 374D L 336FMHPU 320D, 320E L 313D2, 315F LCR M325D MH 350-A 312D L 318D2 L 330D2 316F L 349E L VG 316E L 330C FM 5090B, 312D2, 315B L 323E SA 329D2 L 322B L 323D S 320D FM 317B LN 345D L 231D, 345B, 349D, 320D GC 312D2 GC 336F L XE 311-A 325D, 365C 225B, 365B II 320E, 312B L 320D2 FM 349E, 375-A 323F L 330C LN 318B, 352F-VG 330D LN 323F 330F L 5130B, 324D FM 5130, 320C FM 350-A L 340F L UHD 345D, 336D2, 390D L 5110B 352F XE VG 313D, 318B N 313F L 318F L 245B, 320B S 330C, 325D FM 330F OEM 336D LN 329D LN 336E, 336D2 XE 313F 314E LCR 314C 317B L 336D2 GC 385C L 336E HVG 345B II MH 323F OEM 568 FM LL 323F LN 324D LN 319D LN 326F L 318E L 311B, 323D, 314E CR 335F 352F, 319D 329E, 365C L 312E L

    earthmoving compactor
    836K, 826G II 825G II