7N-1996: Miniature Lamp
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    7N-1996: Miniature Lamp

    Part Number: 7N-1996
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Miniature Lamp

    Cat® Work Lights help turn night
    into day and increase productivity of both machines and operators.

    1) Premium Cat Lights are designed to meet the demanding vibration levels of both large and small machines
    2)Cat Lights are adaptable to other machines in your fleet, and can be retrofitted to older machines

    Designed for use in extremely tough conditions.

    • US
    • Metric
    • ANSI Number: 624
    • Diameter (in): 0.74
    • Length (in): 1.52
    • Light Type: Halogen
    • Standard Color: Clear
    • Voltage (volts): 24
    • Voltage Rating (volts): 28
    earthmoving compactor
    825C 836 826C 815B 816B 825

    wheel-type loader
    936F 988B 966E 950B/950E 950E 980C 936 926E 926 950B 992C G936 936E 994D 966D 916 G916 994 G926

    wheel-type skidder

    off-highway truck
    789 776 793 772B 777B 773B 777 768C 785 776B 769C

    track-type loader
    963C 973C 953C

    articulated dump truck
    D30D D350D D400E D400D D40D 740 D350E 735 D25D D300D

    road reclaimer
    RM-500 SM-350 RM-300 RM-350B RM-350

    cold planer
    PM-565 PM-465 PM-201 PR-1000C PR-1000 PR-450C PM-565B

    motor grader
    140G 12G 130G 160G 24H 14G 120G 16G

    forest products
    TK1051 533 HA770 TK370 227 543 HA870 TK380

    track-type skidder
    4P 54H D4HTSK II 517 527 D4HTSK III D5HTSK II

    paving compactor
    CS-653 CP-643 CS-643 CP-653

    wheel dozer
    824C 814B 834S 834B 834U 824S

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT18 IT28B IT18B IT28

    385B 5090B 365B 5110B 365B II 365B L 5230 5130 5230B 5130B

    587T 583R 572R II 587R 589 583T PL83 PL87 578

    wheel tractor-scraper
    615C 631E 637E 621E 657G 637G 623E 637D 633E II 621S 627E 657E 627F 651E 627G 623G 623F 615 613C 621G 631G

    track-type tractor
    D7H 59 6S D6H 7S D11N D5H 5P D7R II 10U 5S 7 D9R D6R II 8U D6H XR D4H 6SU 9 11SU 4 5A D6T D11R D10R 7A D6H II D6H XL 4S D10 D11T D6R III D6R 4P D8N 9SU 8 D8R II 10 11 D6G 10SU 57H 8S 58 6A 7S LGP 8SU 8A D10N D6G SR D9T D8R 10S D9N 7U 6 10C 56H D6E D9L D8L D10T 7SU 9U 5 D6F SR 57 D5B 4A D8T 55 11U 59L 59N 56 9S 9C 54 D5H XL D4H XL 58L D4H III D5

    load, haul, dump
    R2900 R1700 II