8C-7524: CM-SEAL
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    8C-7524: CM-SEAL

    Part Number: 8C-7524
    Brand: Cat
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    Bulk seals are typically used to seal enclosures, and may also be used for sound deadening, vibration isolation, cushioning or thermal insulation.

    They may require installation with adhesive, be clipped in place, pressed into a groove or installed with a zipper tool. Many are sold by unit of length.

    Cat® Bulk Seals are made of materials that match the specific temperature, chemical resistance and UV exposure requirements of the application. Seal dimensions, geometry and attachment method are designed in conjunction with the surrounding structures, to provide long-lasting sealing performance.

    Protect your investment with Genuine Cat Seals.

    Bulk seals are generally used to seal enclosures, like windows, covers and cab enclosures.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Adhesive: Yes
    • Cross Section Thickness (in): 1.97
    • Cross Section Width (in): 1.97
    • Material: CR - Chloroprene Expanded Rubber
    • Material Description: CR Expanded (closed cell) Rubber is used for pads and static seals requiring oil resistance and excellent weather resistance.
    7 to 9 liter

    3516, 3516CHD, 3512B, 3516B, 3512BHD, 3512, 3516C, G3512, 3516BHD, G3512H, C175-16, G3520H, 3512CHD, G3516H, 3508, 3516E, 3512C, C175-20, 3508B

    skid steer loaders
    246D, 242D, 232D, 236D, 262DLRC, 226D, 246DLRC, 272DXHP, 236DLRC, 272D, 232DLRC, 246C, 262C2, 242DLRC, 272C, 262C, 272D2, 262D, 272D2XHP, 256C

    10 to 13 liter

    track excavators
    304E2CR, 305.5E2CR, 303.5E2CR, 305E2CR, 304.5E2XTC

    multi terrain loaders
    279C2, 299D2, 297C, 297D, 299D2XHP, 249D, 257DLRC, 287DLRC, 259DLRC, 287C2, 279C, 289DLRC, 299DXHP, 277D, 279DLRC, 239D, 249DLRC, 239DLRC, 289C2, 297D2XHP, 289D, 277C, 287D, 259D, 299D, 279D, 297DXHP, 277DLRC, 287C, 297D2, 257D, 299C, 289C, 277C2

    vees 27 to 32 liter
    C32, C27, G3412, 3412C

    underground mining loaders
    R2900G, R3000H

    15 to 18 liter
    C15, 3406C, C18, G3406

    backhoe loaders
    450F, 420FIT, 428E, 420EST, 444F, 416EST, 434F, 420EIT, 430EST, 450E, 416FST, 422E, 432E, 428F, 434E, 420FST, 430FST, 444E, 442E, 432F, 422F, 430EIT, 430FIT

    industrial loaders

    wheel loaders
    906, 908, 902

    C7.1, C4.4