8E-4272: PIN
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    8E-4272: PIN

    Part Number: 8E-4272
    Brand: Cat
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    Sealed Track Pin


    • Track pins, along with the bushings, hold the track links together. The pin acts as a hinge at an adjoining bushing.


    • Sealed track has contact between the internal pin and bushing causing wear to begin immediately because of the friction between the two parts. This results in a significant increase of internal wear life of the link assembly. Grease Lubricated Track link assemblies are direct replacements for sealed link assemblies on Cat Hydraulic Excavator models.

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    Brand: Cat
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    • Metric
    log loaders forestry
    330DFMLLA, 325DFMLL, 325DFMLLA, 568LL, 330DFMLL, 558LL

    forestry excavators
    330CFMHW, 568GF, 330DFMGF, 325DFMGF, 558GF

    track feller bunchers
    551, 552, 5522, TK752

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    973C, 973D, 973CLGP

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    D8RLRC, D8T, D8RII

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    349DLVG, 345DL, 345CL, 349D2L, 345CLWVG, 345CLVG, 330CL, 345DLVG, 330DL, 349DL, 349FL, 349EL, 345BMH, 345BII, 345BL, 345D, 365CLOEM, 345BIIL, 349E, 345CLVGOEM, 349D, 330DMH, 349D2, 349FLXE, 345CMH, 330C, 349ELVG, 345C, 345BIIMH, 345CVGOEM, 345B, 349F, 235C, 235D, 349FLVG