8E-5600: ROLLER GP
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    8E-5600: ROLLER GP

    Part Number: 8E-5600
    Brand: Cat
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    Carrier Roller (Forged)


    • Carrier rollers support and guide the machine on the track and provide track tension support.

    Looking for a Classic Part Option?

    Consider a Cat® Classic part - a low-cost repair alternative that minimizes the risk associated with aftermarket parts
    Brand: Cat
    Classic™ Carrier Roller
    • US
    • Metric
    • Diameter (in): 1.9
    • Flange Diameter (in): 5.51
    • Height (in): 1.9
    • Length (in): 1.85
    • Shaft Diameter (in): 2
    • Tread Diameter (in): 4.72
    log loaders forestry
    320BLL, 320DFMLLB, 320D2FMLL

    hydraulic track drills
    MD5150C, MD5075, MD5075C

    track excavators
    329DLOEM, 322BL, 320DL, 323FL, 318D2L, 315, 321DLCR, 319CLN, 323DL, 320CL, 322CL, 323D2L, 326D2, 324DL, 326D2L, 324E, 320DLN, 320D2, 318FL, 319DLN, 323DLN, 312, 323ELN, 318EL, 326FL, 320CLN, 320C, 322BLN, 320CU, 323D, 312B, 320B, 318BLN, 320ELRR, 315BL, 318C, 322B, 320BLU, 316FL, 324DLN, 320CLRR, 320D, 320DRR, 320D2L, 320DLRR, 318DL, 321BLCR, 315DL, 320N, 323EL, 324D, 320D2GC, 320E, 322CLN, 320, 319DL, 317, 316EL, 320S, 320EL, 321CLCR, 315D, 320FL, 323DLOEM, 315C, 320ELN, 322N, 320ERR, 320CLU, 320BN, 315CL, 320L, 322C, 320DGC, 320BL, 326DL, 345CLVGOEM, 322L, 325FLCR, 320BLN, 324EL, 330FOEM, 325DLOEM, 318B, 324DLNOEM, 315L, 320BS, 324ELN, 326FLN, 317BLN, 322LN, 315B, 317BL, 322, 329EOEM, 323FLN, 326D2LOEM, 320ELOEM, 330D2LOEM, 311B, 323FOEM, 320-01GC, 323-07, 320-07, 323, 320GC