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  • 8S-4724: Hex Head Bolts, Phosphate And Oil Coated
8S-4724: Hex Head Bolts, Phosphate And Oil Coated
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    8S-4724: Hex Head Bolts, Phosphate And Oil Coated

    Part Number: 8S-4724
    Brand: Cat
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    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Cat bolts and matching hardened washers and nuts form a matched system which produces consistently high clamp loads

    • US
    • Metric
    • Bolt Type: Hex Head Bolts
    • Finish: Phosphate and Oil Coated
    • Thread: Fine Thread UNF
    307C, 308D 303.5, 304.5, 307B, 305C CR 307D 307, 308C

    RM-350B, RR-250, SS-250B, RM-350, SS-250, SM-350, RR-250B

    W345C MH W345B II M325B W330B

    1390, TK741, TK752, TK711, 522, 511, 551, 2391, TK721, 1090, 2491, TK751, 532, 345C, 1190, 539, 2590, 521, TK722, 2390, 322C, TK732, TK1051, 541, 2290, 1290T, 1190T, 552

    track excavators
    330DL, 315DL, 336DOEM

    CP-563C, CB-434C, CS-533C, CS-531C, CS-433C, PS-300C, CP-433C, CS-563 CS-431C, CB-534C, PF-300B, PS-300B, CB-544, CS-583C, CB-545, CB-535B, CB-534B, CS-563C CS-573C, CP-563, CB-434B, CP-533C, PF-300C

    938M 926M 980G, 938K 930K 924K 994, 930M

    5110B 312B L 345B, 336D L 375 L 323D L 325C, 320D L 320D, 330C, 320C, 320D LRR 322B L 365C 320D RR 323D S 345C, 315C, 345D L 330B L 329D L 321C 322C FM 385C, 5080, 336D LN 345C L 325D FM 365B, 325D L 345D, 349D L 330D L 325C L 365B L 345C MH 350, 345B II 5090B, 318B N 320D GC 320B, 320C L 312D, 365C L 330B LN 324D LN 314D LCR 385B, 312C, 322B LN 330C L 319C 323D LN 325D, 349D2, 312B, 5230, 322C, 330D FM 336D, 330C FM 325C FM 315D L 315, 325D FM LL 324D L 320B L 318C, 385C L MH 317, 325D MH 320C FM 314D CR 312C L 311C 330 L 325B L 330D MH 330D, 320D FM 321D LCR 325B LN 345B L 311D LRR 312D L 318B, 314C 385C FS 320B N 324D, 385C L 365B II 330C MH 315B L 5230B, 345B II MH 330D LN 365C L MH 320D FM RR 319D 324D FM 5130, 324D FM LL 349D2 L 317B LN 319D LN 5130B, 328D LCR 317B L 317 N 375, 320B S 312, 350 L 330, 319D L 329D, 320D LN 330C LN 349D

    740B, 740, D350E, D400E II 735B, 735, D350E II D400E, 735 OEM

    631E, 623F, 623E, 637E, 633E II

    off highway trucks


    777F, 793C, 773F, 771D, 773B, 773D, 776D, 769D, 793F, 785C, 777D, 795F AC 773E, 770G, 775F, 797F, 770G OEM 775D, 784B, 785D, 772, 797, 793D, 770, 793B, 775B, 784C, 789B, 785B, 789C, 775E, 793F XQ

    wheel loaders