9W-3324: Halogen Bulb
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    9W-3324: Halogen Bulb

    Part Number: 9W-3324
    Brand: Cat
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    12-Volt 55-60-Watt Halogen Bulb

    Cat® halogen work lights are shock-resistant and fully sealed to eliminate contaminants, extending bulb life and ensuring reliable performance. This bulb offers versatility as it fits a variety of machines, large and small, and it can be retrofitted to older machines.

    • Halogen bulb
    • 12V
    • 55-60W
    • Bulb Type H4, Base P43 +

    • High-vibration applications
    • Fits Cat and Non Cat machines

    • US
    • Metric
    • Bulb Type: H4
    • Light Type: Halogen
    • Voltage (volts): 12
    • Wattage (watts): 60/55
    75D, 95E, 85C, 65E, 75C, 65C, 65D, 85E, 85D, 75E

    426 F2 428F, 432D, 432E, 428F2, 426C, 434E, 428D, 432F, 428C, 442D, 438D, 444F2, 427F2, 432F2, 438C, 424D, 436C, 416B, 416C, 422F, 444F, 420D, 428B, 444E, 428E, 434F, 416D, 442E, 434F2, 422E, 422F2

    289C2, 242D 262B, 297D2 XHP 232, 236, 262C 277C2, 289D 297D XHP 257B, 226, 279C 268B, 277B, 249D 287C2, 236D 279D 272D XHP 256C 216B3, 297C 299D XHP 226D 246, 248B, 216B, 272D 242B3, 297D2 246C 216, 272C 262, 267B, 248, 247B3, 259D 226B3, 247B, 272D2 XHP 277D 287C 299D2 XHP 246D 262D 299D 299D2 277C 262C2, 232D 228, 226B, 297D 239D 232B, 252B, 236B, 289C 287D 236B3, 257B3, 257D 246B, 252, 272D2 287B, 299C 259B3, 242B 279C2, 242

    AP355F, AP300F

    TL1255D, TH408D, TH63, TH3510D, TH580B, TH103, TL943D, TH330B, TH82, TH360B, TL1055D, TH340B, TH306D, TH514D, TL642D, TH83, TH560B, TH62, TH220B, TH357D, TH355B, TH350B, TH460B

    CB-68B CW-16 CW-14 CS-44B CB-66B CB-64B CB-14 CP-44B CB1.8, CB1.7

    907K 908H 908M 907H 907M 906, 910K 918M 902, 908, 914M 906M 906H 908K 914K 906K 904B, 906H2 908H2 907H2 910M