9W-7385: SLEEVE
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    9W-7385: SLEEVE

    Part Number: 9W-7385
    Brand: Cat
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    Isolation mounts are used to attach and position systems, accommodate displacement, and isolate components from the surrounding structure (vibration, shock, noise).

    Some mount assemblies use loose inner Sleeves that are available separately. These sleeves typically surround a central bolted joint.

    Cat® Mounting Systems are designed to reduce stress and strain on mounted components to increase their durability and performance life, and to contribute to operator comfort. The entire system (mount design, material selection, placement, hardware, etc.) is optimized and validated to meet specific application requirements.

    Sleeves are a component of many types of isolation mounts.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 26.8
    • Mount Type: Sleeve
    • Outside Diameter (mm): 48
    • Sleeve Length (mm): 86
    cold planers
    PM-565B, PM620, PM-465, PM622, PM-201, PM620LRC

    asphalt pavers
    AP1055E, AP655FLRC, AP1055F, BG-2455D, AP-655D, AP1000E, BG655D, AP-600D, AP1000F, BG1000E, BG600D, BG1055E, AP-1000D, BG-260D, AP-1055D, AP600FLRC

    wheel tractor scrapers
    621G, 657G, 621KLRC, 623G, 637K, 627G, 657E, 637G, 621K, 627H, 631K, 621KOEMLRC, 623H, 621F, 657EPP, 613G, 623KLRC, 623K, 631G, 623F, 627KLRC, 621H, 627K, 627F, 621HOEM, 637KLRC, 631KLRC, 621KOEM

    pneumatic tired compactors
    CW34LRC, CW34

    track loaders
    963C, 963BLGP, 963CLGP, 963K, 953C, 953K

    track type tractors

    815B, 825C, 815F, 815FII, 826G, 825H, 825GII, 825G, 826C, 816FII, 826GII, 816F, 826H, 815KLRC, 815K

    motor graders
    135H, 12H, 120HNA, 120H, 140HNA, 12HNA, 163H, 135HNA, 24M, 160H, 160HNA, 120K, 160K, 140H, 140K, 12K, 143H, 120K2, 140K2, 24H

    articulated trucks
    730C2EJ, 740B, 730, 740OEM, 735C, 740CEJ, 730C2, 740EJ, 735B, 730EJ, 740, 735, D350E, 725, 730CEJ, D400EII, 745C, 740BEJ, D400E, 725C, D350EII, 725C2, 735OEM, 730OEM, 730C, 725OEM

    underground articulated trucks
    AD60, AD55B

    large mining products
    5110BL, 5230B, 5110BMH, 5110BME, 5130, 6020B, 6015B, 5230

    525C, 525B, 535B, 545C, 535C

    off highway trucks
    777DLRC, 777G, 797F, 772GLRC, 770G, 797FXQ, 771D, 775D, 777B, 777FOEM, 773FOEM, 775E, 770GLRC, 775FOEM, 797, 775F, 773GLRC, 770GOEMLRC, 772GOEMLRC, 773G, 773E, 769D, 773ELRC, 793F, 775GOEMLRC, 773F, 775GOEM, 777D, 773GOEM, 795FAC, 773DLRC, 777GOEMLRC, 795FXQ, 775G, 772GOEM, 793FCMD, 777GOEM, 770GOEM, 772G, 777C, 777F, 797B, 777GLRC, 775GLRC, 773D, 777E2 773E2LRC

    wheel loaders
    966M, 966MXE, 972H, 980M, 966K, 982M, 992K, 966H, 980C, 972MXE, 993K, 966GII, 966L, 966FII, 994, 972K, 990K, 972M, 990, 990KLRC, 992G, 980F, 972GII, 992KLRC, 980G, 986H, 990H, 980H, 972G, 993KLRC, 980GII, 966F, 966KXE, 980K, 994H, 988F, 994KLRC, 980KOEM, 972L, 994F, 980L

    wheel dozers
    814FII, 814F, 824GII, 844, 824H, 844K, 854KLRC, 844KLRC, 854K, 824G, 854G, 824C, 844H

    RM-350B, RM-300, RM-500, RM500B

    knuckleboom loaders
    579D, 559D, 2484D, 2384D