9X-7298: Piston Seal
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    9X-7298: Piston Seal

    Part Number: 9X-7298
    Brand: Cat
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    Type 3

    A two-piece seal, consisting of a piston ring and an expander, which prevents oil transfer between the rod end of the cylinder and the cap end. The piston seal is usually made of Teflon, with nylon available for pressure greater than 3000 psi (20,670 kpa). The various shaped expanders are nitrile.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Bore Diameter (mm): 100.00
    • Groove Diameter - B (+/- 0.0762 mm) (mm): 85.75
    • Groove Width - A (+/- 0.0508 mm) (mm): 7.24
    • Seal Shape: Type 3

    TH360B, TH355B, TH350B

    forestry excavators


    backhoe loaders

    wheel loaders
    908H 908K 988K, 908M 980K, 908H2 988KLRC, 980KOEM

    track excavators
    325DL, 313D, 320CL, 320D2L, 314ELCR, 324DL, 329EL, 312DL, 312CL, 323DL, 315DL, 320DL, 329E, 314DLCR, 320EL, 312D, 313FL, 322CL, 311CU, 329DL, 312F, 312E, 315C, 307BSB, 314ECR, 312B, 315CL, 330C, 315, 311DLRR, 324EL, 325BL, 315D, 325CL, 308CCR, 312, 313BCR, 314DCR, 324D, 312C, 314CCR, 312EL, 312BL, 315BL, 317BLN, 314CLCR, 315FLCR, 320C, 317, 318B, 318BLN, 322BL, 317BL, 318D2L, 325L, 320L, 311, 330CL, 320N, 320BL, 320B, 325, 330BL, 322L, 311B, 322B, 315B, 314FCR

    wheel excavators
    M317D2, M316D, M315D, M316C, M315C, M318F, M316F, M323F