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9X-7333: Press-In Wiper Seal
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    9X-7333: Press-In Wiper Seal

    Part Number: 9X-7333
    Brand: Cat
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    Seal Shape: Type A - Single Lip Wiper

    Prevents external contaminants from entering the system. Single-lip (the lip is the projecting rim or edge of the seal) wipers clean the rod as it retracts. Double-lip wipers clean the rod as it retracts and seals oil, eliminating weeping (cosmetic leakage). The double-lip wipers are secured in place with a bearing amount. These urethane wipers are metal-encased for added strength. They are often referred to as canned wipers (metal-encased) or J wipers (the metal often forms a J shape when viewed in the cross-section).

    • US
    • Metric
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 177.80
    • Material: URE
    • Outside Diameter - B (mm): 14.00
    • Seal Shape: Type A - Single Lip Wiper
    • Width - A (+/- 0.508 mm) (mm): 203.20
    AD55B, AD60, AD45B, AD55

    770, 770G OEM 772G, 769D, 773E, 770G, 775D, 771D, 775G LRC 773F, 775F, 773G OEM 775G OEM 773B, 769C, 771C, 773D, 772G OEM 773G LRC 775E, 772, 773G, 775B, 775G