9X-8887: Hex Head Bolts, Phosphate and Oil Coated
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    9X-8887: Hex Head Bolts, Phosphate and Oil Coated

    Part Number: 9X-8887
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat bolts and matching hardened washers and nuts form a matched system which produces consistently high clamp loads

    • US
    • Metric
    • Bolt Type: Hex Head Bolts
    • Finish: Phosphate and Oil Coated
    • Grip Length - 2 (in): 1.25
    • Head Height - 4 (in): 0.58
    • Head Width - 5 (in): 1.13
    • Thread: Coarse Thread UNC
    • Thread Size (in - TPI) (in): 3/4 - 10
    • Total Bolt Length - 3 (in): 3
    G3512H, G3516C, G3520C, 3516B, 3512, G3508, G3516, 3512B, G3520E, 3516CHD, 3512BHD, 3516BHD, 3516, G3516H, G3520, 3512H

    wheel tractor-scraper
    613C II 613G, 633E, 613C

    engine - generator set
    3612, 3616, 3608, C280-12, G3516E, 3516B, G3512, PMG3516 3512B, 3516C, 3516, G3516, G3512E, 3508B, 3412, G3516C, 3508, 3512C, G3520H, PM3512 3456, G3520C, PM3516, 3512, 3516E, G3520E, PM3508 3412C, G3516B, G3516H, XQC1200 G3520B, XQC1600, 3508C, G3508, PP3516

    motor grader
    143H, 160H, 140H ES 140H NA 140G, 120G, 12H, 163H NA 160H ES 12H NA 130G, 140H, 160H NA 120H, 135H, 12G, 163H, 12H ES 135H NA 120H NA 160G, 120H ES

    work tool

    wheel-type loader
    966M XE 972K, 928HZ, 928F, 972M, 992G, 928G, 938G, 980M, 924F, 966M, 928H, 938F, 930H, 938G II 966K, 950K, 994H, 950M, 918F, 962M, 994, 994D, 994F, 962K, 980K

    engine - industrial
    C-12, G3516, G3512, 3512E, 3512C, 3512B, 3516C, 3516B, SPT343 PMG3516 C18, 3508B, 3512, 3516E, 3508, G3612, G3616, G3608, G3508, G3520B, G3512B, G3516E, G3606B G3606, 3508C, G3516B, 3516, G3520J C-15, 3412E, G3516C, SPS343 G3408, C15, G3508J G3512E, G3508B, G3516J, G3412, 3406, C-16, SPF343C SPF343

    expanded mining products

    motor graders
    140HNA, 12HNA

    off-highway truck
    MT4400D AC 797B, 777D, 789D, 777, 793D, 776C, 793C, 785D, 784B, 785C, 785, 789, 777B, 784C, 789B, 793B, 777C, 776D, 777F, 785B

    oem solutions

    integrated toolcarrier
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    petroleum products
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    off highway trucks
    789D, 785C, 797, 777D, 789C, 789DXQ, 785DOEM

    235D, 5130B, 245D

    earthmoving compactor
    815F, 815B