{imgAlt}Two Cat® cab types are available and both are offered as "Plug-and-Play" options that are fully assembled and ready to install on the machine.

Upgrade Cabs(previously called "Retrofit Cabs")

  • Latest engineering technology and control modules (including VIMS 4.0)
  • Paint scheme and marking similar to current production
  • AC standard
  • New 3 point harness and comfort seat
  • Large buddy seat
  • Narrow console for "B series"
  • More economical than dealer rebuild
  • Inventoried worldwide
  • Limited model availability - see "Upgrade Cab Model Coverage" chart below.
Upgrade (retrofit) Cab Model Coverage
Large Off Highway Trucks
Model Series Serial# Upgrade Cap p
785 B 6HK 260-1831
C 5AZ1-264 250-6900
789 B 7EK 260-1830
C 2BW 250-6899
793 B 1HL 257-2728
C 4AR 259-6879
4GZ 25-6898
Large Wheel Loaders
988 G 2TW 346-3844
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