Final Drive

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Final drives play a crucial role within a machine’s drive train by transferring power to the tires or tracks while providing speed reduction and torque increase. The greatest torque rise occurs in the gears.

The final drives of a track-type tractor differ somewhat, but they perform the same function. They reduce rotating speed and increase torque.
Cat® Final Drive components must endure incredible torque, high-impact loads, and frequent direction and gear changes. Caterpillar designs and manufactures its final drive components with these demands in mind, using testing processes that simulate real-world applications.

Four Types of Final Drives used in Cat® machines:

  • Bull Gear Single Reduction
  • Bull Gear Double Reduction
  • Planetary Single Reduction
  • Planetary Double Reduction

Maximize the Life of Your Final Drives

For any machine to be safe, reliable and productive, regular preventive maintenance is vital. It is the most cost-effective way to keep your final drives operating at peak performance. If you take care of your final drives, then gears and shafts can last through multiple rebuilds and the overall final drive life increases. Take a proactive approach by planning for scheduled downtime, maintenance and repair costs.