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{imgAlt}Whether you need to have clear sight of your surroundings or just need to be seen, the Cat® line of serviceable lights and accessories available at your nearby Cat dealer is your one-stop shop for all your workplace, machine and truck lighting needs.

Heavy Duty and Long Life Cat® Lights

Cat machines require heavy duty lighting for optimal operator performance, especially in extreme outdoor and off-road environments. Cat lights are designed to withstand extreme environments while offering a long life and low maintenance costs.

HID, LED and Halogen Lights

Light-Emitting Diode (LED): Cat LED lights are the ideal choice when it comes to outdoor strobe lighting for off-road trucks. Our 12 volt LED light technology increases machine up-time and provides a brighter light output than incandescent offerings. LED lights also offer extreme long life (greater than 25,000 hours), low current draw and a wide voltage range, and are environmentally safe … all while reducing operator eye strain and fatigue.
High Intensity Gas Discharge (HID): Cat HID lights are designed to increase machine and operator productivity in high hour (10,000 hr.+), around-the clock or extended night operations. HID lights resist vibration and shock, use less power consumption, and last 6 to 10 times longer than halogen lights.
Halogen: Cat Shock-Resistant Halogen lights have improved bulb life versus non shock-resistant lights, contributing to lower operating costs in applications with high vibration where current bulb life is short. These lights are environmentally sealed and meet Cat design specification for resistance to water spray and vibration.