Pry Bars

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Pry Bar Sizes for Working around Cat® Machines

Durable Cat® Pry Bars come in various shapes and sizes for all kinds of jobs including working around heavy industrial equipment, engines and engine components. Our pry bar* product line has, for example, 6” pry bars, long pry bars (54 inches long), and pry bar kits (available in bar shank lengths of 12, 18, 24, and 36 inches / 30, 46, 61, and 91 cm).

Cat Pry Bars are made tough with appropriate application metals and come with outstanding warranties.

*A Pry Bar (or, Prybar) is also sometimes referred to as a Crow Bar, Wrecking Bar, or Pinch-Bar; and sometimes called a Prise Bar (or, Prisebar).