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Cat® Remanufactured Engines

1. Cylinder Heads - Cat® Reman Cylinder Heads are 100% magnafluxed to detect cracks, erosion or other damage and are updated to include engineering changes. The bottom deck is resurfaced to ensure a tight seal and to help prevent combustion gas and coolant leaks. All critical wear and sealing components are replaced with new Cat Parts. Cat Reman Cylinder Heads are pressure tested for leaks before they leave the factory.
2. Turbochargers - Center housings are tested for seal integrity. All thrust and antifriction bearings are replaced to ensure long life and performance.
3. Water Pumps - Cat Reman Water and Oil Pumps are updated to meet the latest design standards and feature 100% replacement of bearings and seals.
4. Crankshafts - Crankshafts are 100% magnafluxed to detect cracks. Crankshaft journals are machined to the same surface finish, roundness and location tolerance of new crankshafts to extend service life.
5. Fuel Injectors - Every component is completely disassembled, cleaned, and extensively inspected to ensure same-as-new quality and reliability. Advanced salvage techniques are applied to ensure components meet specifications. All Seals and O-Rings are replaced. Fully assembled remanufactured injectors are tested and calibrated to new product specifications.
6. Cylinder Packs - Cat Reman Cylinder Packs ensure your engine is overhauled using performance-matched Cat parts. Only Caterpillar preassembles the connecting rod, liner, and piston as a unit, cutting overhaul time by as much as 25%.
7. Short, Long, and Bare Engine Blocks - Cat Reman Long and Short Blocks are disassembled, thoroughly flushed to meet rigid cleanliness standards and 100% inspected for cracks, erosion, or other damage. Block and cylinder head faces are resurfaced to factory specifications. Crankshafts are reground, polished, and checked for lift endplay. All bearings, seals, gaskets and piston rings are replaced with new Cat® parts. Blocks are tested electronically to ensure consistent quality and long life.

Additional Reman Highlights:

  • Air Compressors - Crankshaft and journal surfaces are reground and polished and cylinder bores rehoned to exact dimensions. Each unit has new piston rings, rubber parts, springs, seals, gaskets, and washers to help deliver like-new performance.
  • Alternators/Starters - To ensure same-as-new performance, all alternator gaskets and seals, starter O-Rings, seals and boots are replaced.
  • Camshafts - Same-as-new quality and warranty at a fraction of the cost and available off-the-shelf.
  • Complete engines - Cat® Reman Engines offer maximum productivity and efficiency at a fraction of the cost of new engines. State-of-the-art techniques and advanced remanufacturing processes return each engine to like-new specifications. Cat Reman Engines are remanufactured using only Cat parts, many of them new. Iaddition, you benefit from: same as new performance and emission standards, lower repair and overhaul costs, reduced downtime for overhaul and repair, upgrade of critical design improvements, dynamometer tested, and warranty protection.
  • Damper Groups - Same-as-new quality and warranty at a fraction of the cost and available off-the-shelf.
  • Diesel Particulate Filters - Same-as-new quality and warranty at a fraction of the cost and available off-the-shelf.
  • ECUs - Cat Reman has developed its own line of remanufactured Electronics Control Units (ECUs). This ensures ECUs are thoroughly diagnosed and remanufactured and critical engineering updates are completed. When the remanufacturing process is complete, the units pass through rigorous durability test requirements.
  • Engine Overhaul Kits - Cost-effective, and simple to order pre-packaged engine overhaul options for Medium and Heavy Duty On-Highway Trucks, 3500 Marine Engines, D & G Series Engines.
  • Flywheels - Cat Reman Flywheels are balanced to factory specifications with factory surface finish, for smoother engine operation and better clutch break-in. Cat Reman also inspects all ring gears and replaces when necessary.
  • Fuel Injection Pumps and Governor Groups - All gasket seals and worn parts are replaced anew. Each unit is computer-tested for 20 critical quality points to ensure maximum performance and fuel economy.
  • Generators - Reman Generators provide an off-the-shelf solution that helps customers avoid the lengthy processing time requiredby a generator rewind shop. Reman Generators are remanufactured in a factory environment with Caterpillar controlled processes and are tested with the same rigor as a new Cat Generator. Reman Generators are shipped without a "doghouse," providing more flexibility for your application.
  • Oil Coolers - Unlike other rebuilders who clean and reuse bundles, Cat Reman Oil Coolers use only new tube bundles and end sheets which increases reliability and performance levels.
  • Rocker Arms and Lifters - Same-as-new quality and warranty at a fraction of the cost and available off-the-shelf.
  • Variable Valve Actuators - Same-as-new quality and warranty at a fraction of the cost and available off-the-shelf.