Air Dryer Cartridges

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Air Dryer Cartridges are commonly used in air-over-hydraulic braking systems to remove moisture and maintain braking power. When the desiccant in the cartridge eventually loses its ability to absorb moisture, the cartridge should be replaced. Cat® Reman Air Dryers provide a lower cost service with off-the-shelf availability that will minimize your downtime. Core cartridges are opened and the desiccant removed. Housings are cleaned, inspected, and repaired or replaced. The desiccant is baked to eliminate moisture. The cartridges are newly assembled, incorporating all critical engineering updates, and thoroughly tested to meet all original Caterpillar specifications. Finally, the desiccant is loaded and the cartridge is sealed. With the same warranty as new, the same quality as new (that even the best will-fit brands can’t beat), and savings from recovering the second life built into the housing and desiccant, Cat Reman Air Dryers a smart investment.
  • Each unit is completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected for any damage.
  • Baking the desiccant eliminates moisture and is less expensive than new desiccant.
  • Nothing is reverse-engineered because we use original Caterpillar designs, Caterpillar specs.
  • All Cat Reman products come with a same-as-new warranty and off-the-shelf availability.
  • You’re buying less downtime and lower repair bills, helping you achieve the lowest owning and operating costs over your engine’s lifecycle — while reducing the impact on the environment.