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Hydraulic Excavators

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Helping You Choose The Right Undercarriage

Your work experience is the most important element in selecting the Cat® Undercarriage that best meets the demands of your business. To figure out exactly which Cat Undercarriage is the right fit for your work and your machine, you have to ask questions:

  • How long will I own this machine?
  • How many hours a week will I be using this machine?
  • What are my typical ground/soil conditions?
  • What are my impact conditions?
  • What are the grades/slopes on my job site?
  • What level of packing do I expect?

The more precisely you can define these parameters, the more effective your undercarriage choice will be.

Information To Help You Make Informed Choices

Q: How do I select the right undercarriage for my application and usage?
A: The undercarriage selection tab in this document is a good place to begin an assessment of your undercarriage needs. Your Cat dealer has undercarriage tools to run cost-per-hour scenarios that will help you determine which undercarriage option is the best fit for your operation.

Q: How does quality vary among Cat undercarriage options?
A: The quality of all Cat undercarriage offerings is high. Utilizing good quality materials and carefully controlled manufacturing ensure that all Cat undercarriage components are reliable and wear at a balanced rate. General Duty, Grease Lubricated Track and Positive Pin Retention 2 are not built to the same performance specifications because each is intended to work within particular application and cost parameters.

So, while the performance specifications are different, the quality and reliability are the same in the intended applications.

Q: How does performance vary among Cat undercarriage options?
A: Like many other product lines, our undercarriage portfolio has options to meet different customer requirements. In the same way you wouldn't buy a street tire for your race car, you wouldn't purchase General Duty for an extreme application like forestry. The performance expectations for each undercarriage in the portfolio are differentiated, as is the value.

Q: Why was General Duty undercarriage added to the Cat undercarriage portfolio?
A: Caterpillar engineers design General Duty, Grease Lubricated Track and Positive Pin Retention 2. All Cat undercarriage, including General Duty, are manufactured with Caterpillar's consistent processes, supported by our established undercarriage supply chain and built in our manufacturing locations around the world.

Q: How is Cat undercarriage designed?
A: Caterpillar added General Duty undercarriage based on global dealer and customer research. Customers reported that they find Cat undercarriage to be a good value; however, sometimes customers feel that the extended wear life and rugged durability of Cat premium undercarriage is not always needed. General Duty offers another option to help customers balance product performance and cost. See your Cat dealer to learn if General Duty is available for your machines.

Q: Does General Duty have the same warranty?
A: All Cat undercarriage, including General Duty, are backed by Caterpillar, Cat dealers and our Undercarriage Assurance Program. All major moving undercarriage components on Cat track-type machines are covered. Coverage details vary by product. For more information or to enroll, contact your Cat dealer.

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