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The power that is produced in the engine is multiplied in the torque converter and then transferred on to the transmission for use by the rest of the drive train components.

Your drive train system endures incredible torque, high impact loads, and frequent direction and gear changes. To deliver maximum performance and life under these conditions, Cat® Torque Converters are built to meet your drive train demands and lower your operating costs by providing transmission components that are:

  • Designed with special features for improved lubrication and load distribution
  • Manufactured to precise specifications for efficient power flow and increased wear resistance
  • Tested using processes that simulate real-world applications for reliable performance and long life

Basic Torque Converter Components:

  • Impeller (red) - A rotor used to increase, or decrease with turbines, pressure and fluid flow
  • Turbine (blue) - A rotary mechanical component that extracts energy from the flow of fluid to provide a specific application
  • Stator (green) - Transfers fluid returning from the turbine to the pump to improve torque converter efficiency

Primary Torque Converter Functions:

  • Connects engine and transmission
  • Transmits the power from the engine to the transmission
  • Multiplies power produced in engine

Some Cat machines use a torque divider instead of the traditional torque converter, that divides the transmitted torque between the front and rear axles, with the rear axle receiving majority-torque. For these Cat machines the benefits include a more continuous application of power, additional torque output, improved shock resistance and direct drive operation. The torque divider provides the combined benefits of a torque converter and a planetary gear drive.

Trust Cat Parts for off-the-shelf transmission and torque converter components to get you back to work quickly.