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Power coming from your Cat® engine is optimized by controlling its speed, direction and force. Cat Transmissions do this by various means:

  • Hydraulically engaged planetary clutches
  • Hydrostatic/ hydraulic drive

Each of these methods provides different characteristics of:

  • Ground speed
  • Torque
  • Clutches maneuverability
  • Implement force

Transmissions rely on the engagement of gear groups to provide the transfer of power to your machine components. All Cat® Parts including these gear groups, fall under three levels of wear. By understanding that different components are intended to wear faster than others, you can inspect for signs of wear and keep your transmission running smoother and longer. For example, gears and shafts, if properly maintained, are designed to last through multiple transmission rebuilds. But components such as friction material, seals, gaskets and bearings are faster wearing. Monitor them for abnormal wear and replace when needed. For more information see: Transmission Maintenance or consult your nearby Cat dealer.

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352-6151 Kit-Transmission Gasket
Gasket Kits

347-7387 Kit-Torque Converter Gasket
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347-7390 Kit-Transmission Gasket
Gasket Kits

349-0676 Transmission Gasket Kits
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350-5435 Kit-Transmission Gasket
Gasket Kits

350-5440 Kit-Torque Converter Gasket
Gasket Kits

349-1435 Kit-Transmission Seal
Gasket Kits

347-9020 Kit-Torque Converter Gasket
Gasket Kits

345-7551 Kit-Transmission Gasket
Gasket Kits

345-8068 Kit-Transmission Gasket
Gasket Kits

346-4899 Kit-Transmission Gasket
Gasket Kits

350-6695 Kit-Transmission Gasket
Gasket Kits

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