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Unlike other spark plugs, Cat® Spark Plugs are engineered to provide the maximum amount of efficiency during each service interval. Cat Spark Plugs are designed to provide easy installation and removal, limiting the amount of downtime required during each maintenance interval so that your engine is back up and running as soon as possible.

Spark Plugs for Gas Engines

The 3500/3600 plug was designed with maintenance in mind:

  • Zinc plated terminal provides lubricity to allow for easy installation and removal
  • Pure Iridium center electrode precious metal provides maximum wear resistance resulting in less re-gapping
  • Self-retained gasket stays in place for easy installation and removal

Bio-Gas Plug

  • The Bio-Gas plug shares the same benefits of the 3500/3600 plug, but is a more robust option for landfill applications
  • Longer life with enhanced internal electrode material
  • Increased service life
  • Enhanced reliability

Pre-Chamber Plug

The Pre-Chamber plug was designed to maximize productivity and ease of maintenance:

  • Customized for the combustion process in the G3500 C&E product to maximize engine performance and efficiency
  • Requires no re-gapping
  • Provides extended life through the use of precious metal electrodes that resist corrosion and wear

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