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Cat® Flexport Tires are designed specifically for your wheel loaders and skid steer loaders. They are available in three different tread patterns, off-the-road, smooth-tread and construction. These heavy duty tires deliver peak performance and productivity in extreme operating conditions and on the toughest jobs.

Tread Type Tires

  • Construction Tread – tread design for smaller machine applications where traction is required
  • Smooth-Tread – ideal for special applications where debris is an issue; such as scrap yards, recycling centers, and some waste transfer stations
  • Off the Road (OTR) – block pattern tread designed traction where debris is not an issue
One piece design Flexport™ Tires are engineered to perform better than non-ported solid, foam filled and pneumatic tires. Caterpillar is the only heavy equipment manufacturer that designs its own tires to maximize machine performance. Cat Flexport™ Tires are designed for operator comfort, engineered for endurance, and built to last in order to help lower your owning and operating costs.Contact your Cat dealer to learn more about the Flexport™ tire models engineered to match the performance demands of your application. Whether you need the off-the-road, smooth-tread or construction model, all Cat Flexport™ Tires are designed to improve the performance of your hard working wheel loaders and skid steer loaders—from the ground up.
{imgAlt}Deeper Tread helps to deliver longer wear life and better traction on any surface. Allows machine to maneuver over tough terrain and transition smoothly from unimproved to improved surfaces. Rounded tread edges reduce corner damage or chunking. These features yield cost savings and higher productivity for equipment owners.
High quality steel rims provide maximum durability in the toughest applications. Tires are manufactured from the highest quality rubber compounds to provide longer wear life in the most demanding of conditions.
Concave Sidewall provides better debris deflection, operators a more comfortable ride, and improves machine stability.

Skid Steer Loaders

  • 216B
  • 216B (60" Width)
  • 226B (60" Width)
  • 236B
  • 236B (72" Width)
  • 242B
  • 242B (60" Width)
  • 216B (60" Width)
  • 242B (66"Width)
  • 246C
  • 246C (72" Width
  • 262C (72" Width)
  • 272C
  • 272C (72" Width

Compact Wheel Loaders

  • 904B
  • 904H
  • 906H
  • 907H
  • 908H
  • 914G
  • IT14G

Small Wheel Loaders

  • 924H
  • 928H
  • 930H
  • 938G
  • 938K

Medium Wheel Loaders

  • 950H/K
  • 962H/K
  • 972H/K