Wear Protection

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{imgAlt}Cat® Wear Protection is designed to protect your Cat machines, buckets and other valuable equipment components so you have less downtime and greater productivity. Our wide variety of product designs and sizes provide you with maximum wear protection in virtually any type of environment or application.

Tough Machines Need Tough Protection

Chocky Bar

This distinct shape conforms to a variety of surfaces and applications. The “V-grove” design allows the bars to be bent around a side-bucket profile or separated to meet different length requirements.

Mechanically Attached Wear Plate System (MAWPS)

The solid MAWPS is designed for extended wear protection in a variety of areas, such as bucket bottoms and sides, dozer push arms, hydraulic excavator ski runners and sides and crusher hoppers. It offers equivalent wear protection at less weight than weld-on or bolt-on wear plates. The compression retainer provides a hammerless method of installation and removal that takes about two minutes, reducing downtime during replacement. The retainer snaps into place to firmly hold the wear plate to the base plate. See below for our MAWPS replacement kits.

Heal Shrouds (Straight and Curved)

Heel shrouds wrap around the lower outside bucket corners and provide extra durability for more productivity. Cat weld-on heel shrouds are specifically reinforced on the inside corner to prevent interference with the bucket structure and weld joints. Heal Shrouds are available straight and curved, and in two different sizes, to best match bucket size. Wear Button - Four different sizes of “tri-bar” design protect your engines and buckets.

Wear Block

Cat wear blocks offer a thicker profile for extended wear life. The zigzag design reduces wear found in parallel-channel products.

Roll Bar

Cat roll bars provide maximum protection while minimizing wear as the edge moves through material. They also deflect impact, improve material penetration and weigh less than other options.

Bolt Protectors

Designed to provide maximum protection to hardware and retention components, Cat bolt protectors are welded around the components to protect them from wear. Chrome white iron and a mild steel backing plate combine for a uniquely engineered design that provides an effective solution for a wide range of environments.
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