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On busy jobsites the only constant is change. Being aware of your surroundings is critical.


Specifically developed and designed for use in rugged applications and environments, the Cat Vision System Portfolio is composed of three systems: Rear Vision, Surround Vision, and Personnel Detection. Each system can be installed on any piece of equipment, Cat or competitor, making it a great option for customers with or without mixed fleets. Each system has one, glove-friendly touchscreen display, 1 to 4 cameras (depending on the system), mounting hardware and extension harnesses for the cameras. It's an easy way to increase safety at the jobsite. Cat Vision system improves productivity by increasing the operator vision.


Each Cat Vision System has one display with touchscreen capabilities that is responsive and high resolution (480p x 800p). Your operators will be able to engage with the system and customize the screen view to their liking.
Based on the Vision System, 8-inch & 10-inch display kits are available. Each kit includes a power harness and basic mounting hardware to keep your displays safe and secure.


Cat Vision System offers two different types of cameras.
  • For vision-only systems, a high-resolution camera is offered that brings high quality images to the display.
  • For detection systems, a high-resolution smart camera provides views around the machine while also engaging with the display. It provides audible and visual alerts for your operator if a person is detected outside near the machine.Each camera kit includes a camera bracket, mounting hardware,and 8m of harnessing.


Each camera harness has a 2-wire ethernet cable that gives fast, high-density data transmission from the camera to the display. This ensures your operators see displays accurately and in real time.Additional harnesses are available for purchase. Harnesses can no longer be fabricated in the field.