112-9401: Bowl Assembly-Water Collection
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    112-9401: Bowl Assembly-Water Collection

    Part Number: 112-9401
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Water Collection Bowl (Fuel/Water Separator)

    Fuel/Water separator bowls catch the fuel contaminants that are removed during the filtration process while also keeping the filter enclosed from the environment.

    Assembly consists of bowl, header, drain valve, seals and bolt

    Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

    Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (in): 2.92
    • Outside Diameter (in): 3.12
    engineer support tractor
    30/30 DEUCE

    35 55 45

    wheel-type loader
    906H 924GZ 914G 938G 908 924G 906 962G 904B 938F 924F 950F II 930G 906H2 928G 950G 903C 907H 908H 901C 904H 901C2 960F 902 907H2 950F 910G 902C 908H2

    engine - truck
    3126E 3116

    engine - industrial
    3116 3126 C3.4 3114 3044C

    track-type loader
    953C 963B 963C

    TH82 TH63 TH103 TH215 TH83 TH350B TH210 TH62 TH360B TH355B TH460B

    mini hydraulic excavator
    304E 305.5E2 303.5 301.8 305.5E 308E CR 303.5E2 CR 307E2 302.5 304C CR 301.6 301.7D 305E 303E CR 308E 305C CR 301.7D CR 305 304E2 306E 308E2 302.7D 304E2 CR 306E2 303C CR 302CR 305E2 304.5 305E2 CR 302.2D 301.7CR 308D 301.5 301.8C 302.4D 303.5E 307D 304D CR 305D CR 308E SR 304 307E 302.5C 303.5D 305.5D 303ECR 301.6C 305.5E2 CR 303.5E2 303.5C

    motor grader
    120H 120H NA 135H 135H NA 120H ES

    forest products
    560B 554 533 543 550B 539 550 570 574 580

    wheeled excavator
    M320 M318 M325B

    paving compactor
    CC-34 CB-34 XW CB-335E CP-563D CB-334E CP-533C CS-573D CB1.7 CS-563D CS-563C CB-335D CB1.8 CB-14 CS-531C CB-214E CB-214D CB-334E XW CB-334D CB-634D CS-583C CB-225D CB-24 CS-533D CB-225E CS-533C CC-24 CS-531D CP-533D CB-224D CB-22 CB-32 CB-34 CB-224E CP-563C CS-573C CS-583D CB-634C

    track-type skidder

    backhoe loader
    430F 430F2 416F 422F2 426 F2 432F2 420F2 444F2 444F 434F 434F2 416F2 428F2 432F 420F 428F

    skid steer loader
    252B 236B 239D 257B 256C 226 248 242 262C2 226B3 267B 262C 246C 236 247B 259B3 232D 248B 249D 277C 216B 232B 242B 216B3 272C 247B3 279C 232D3 277B 226B 268B 287C 289C 246 289C2 262B 236B3 242B3 277C2 228 252B3 297C 216 287C2 257B3 287B 279C2 232 246B 299C

    asphalt paver
    AP-1055B AP-900B BG-2455C BG-260D AP-1055D AP-650B AP-1050B BG-2255C BG-260C AP-1000B AP-1000D BG-225C AP-255E AP-655C BG-2455D BG-245C BG-240C

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT14G IT24F IT28G IT38F IT62G IT38G

    318C 320C 312C 325B L 320B 322B 320B LL 320D 312C L 323D LN 320B L 322B L 320D L 330B L 323D S 315C 325B LN 320B U 320C FM 325B 320B S 311C 323D L 320B LU 320B N 319C 320D LRR 322B LN 320B FM LL 320C L 321C 320D RR


    expanded mining products

    track-type tractor
    D6M D3G D5M D4G D5G