1M-9971: Spacer
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    1M-9971: Spacer

    Part Number: 1M-9971
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Spacer

    Spacers are thick rings made of metal, rubber, or plastic fixed under a nut or the head of a bolt to spread the pressure when tightened or to provide a standoff between two surfaces.

    • Outside diameter: 43.6 mm (1.72 in)
    • Inside diameter: 21 mm (0.83 in)
    • Thickness: 0.20 mm (0.008 in)

    Consult your owner's manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel and Nickel compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    • US
    • Metric
    • Inside Diameter (in): 0.83
    • Outside Diameter (in): 1.72
    • Thickness (in): 0.008
    engineer support tractor

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    road reclaimer

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    MD6200 MD6250 MD6310

    wheel tractor-scraper
    637D 627E 623H 627F 639D 627 631E 651E 621E 641 623B 627K LRC 633D 621H 637B 627B 657E 660B 651B 657B 637G 657G 637E 631C 657 621 623 621K OEM 621F 631D 631G 666B 650B 637 621B 623K LRC 627H 651 623E 621K 641B 633C 633E II 623F 623K 666 615 627K

    earthmoving compactor
    825B 836K 815 816B 825C 826B 836 826G II 825H 836H 826H 826C 815B 826K 825 816 815F II 836G 816F II

    SR4 WEG SR5 SR500

    engine - truck
    3406B 3406C 1160 3306B C-18 C-9 3408B 1145 C13 3306 3208 1673C C9 3406 C-15 1693 1140 1673 C-10 1673B 1150 1676 C15 1674 3408 C-16 C-12

    petroleum products
    TH48-E70 C15 TH48-E80 3516B C32 CX31-P600 3512 C18 CX38-P892 C13 CX35-P800 TH31-E61 3516C TH35-C13I CX31-C11I C9 C27 TH35-C11I 3512C CX31-C15I 3512B TH31-C9P C175-16 CX35-C18I CX31-C18I CX31-C13I C11 2016 TH35-E81 TH31-C9T CX48-P2300 CX38-P800 TH35-C15I 3512E TH48

    cold planer
    PM-565B PM622 PM620 PM-200 PR-450 PR-750B PM-201 PR-450C PR-1000 PM-565 PR-1000C

    forest products
    521 551 586C 1390 2491 511 522B TK711 2864C 2290 TK732 552 532 TK721 541 2 1090 541 1190T 552 2 2390 TK722 1190 521B 227 345C TK751 2391 TK741 TK752 1290T 2590 TK1051 522 FB221

    track-type skidder
    120C 125C

    wheel dozer
    824C 824B 854G 844K 814 824 834K 834G 834S 834U 834B 854K 814B 834 814F II 844 824S 834H 844H 824H

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT18B IT18 IT28 IT28B

    561B 561C 572G 594 571G PL87 572F 583K PL72 578 571F 589 583T 594H 561D PL83 587T 583R 572R II

    marine products
    3606 3412C 3512B 3508B C32 3516B 3516 3508 D330A 3306 D342C 3304 3512C 3516C D379A D399 D353D 3508C 3512 C175-16 D333B D333C D333A D398B D379B C140-16 D398A D343 3306B 3406B C30 3406E 3408B C18 D349 3412E D330C 3208 D346 3408C 3176C 3412 G3512E 3196 3408 C-12 D348 3304B D330B D353C D353E C15 3406 D342 D336 D334 C12 3412D 3608

    track-type tractor
    D6H 153 D6D D6T XL 7S D7R II D6R II D7G D9R D8L 11U D8R D7H D6R III D6T D6 D5B 9C D9H 9 D4E 6S 141 D8H D5 55 D11T D6H XR D9L D6C 163 D5H D9N D10R 5P 140 8S 183B 59L D7F D6T XW D8T D4D 5S 8 7A 8U D6R 10U D8R II 6 D7E D11N 7U D4H 8SU D6T LGP D11R 59N D10N D7R LGP 8A 143 D6T LGPPAT D8N 56 D7R D9G 56H 5 6SU D6T XL PAT 9S D8K D10T 58L D10 4S 10C 59 11 9U D6R XL D9T 5A 4 10 6A D6R STD 9SU D6T XW PAT 4P 4A D6H II 7SU 57H 11SU 54 D6G2 LGP 10SU 10S 7 D7E LGP D6R LGP D6 XE 57 D7G2 D10T2 58 D7R XR 8D

    expanded mining products
    6020B 6040 MD6540C 6040 FS 6018 6015 6015 FS 6030

    load, haul, dump
    R1700G R1700 II R2900G R2900 R1600G R1600 R3000H R1600H

    oem solutions