264-4297: Temperature Sensor
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    264-4297: Temperature Sensor

    Part Number: 264-4297
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Low Temperature Sensor

    Cat low temperature sensors use thermocouples and thermistors to sense temperature. Low temperature sensors are available as passive resistive output, thermocouple output or active PWM and analog outputs. The active temperature sensors must be powered by a regulated (5V or 8V) power supply.

    • Better accuracy at low temperature
    • Available in various thread sizes, connector types and harness lengths

    • Low temperature sensors are used on machines and engines in air systems, fuel systems, engine oil systems, cooling systems, hydraulic systems etc.
    • Cat temperature sensors are application specific sensors. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    • US
    • Metric
    • Connector Pin Count: 2-pin
    • Connector Type: 2 Pin DT
    • Overall Length (in): 1.82
    • Overall Length (mm): 46.3
    • Sensor Type: Temperature
    • Thread Size (in): #8 (3/4-16)
    wheel tractor-scraper
    637D, 631E, 637E, 657G, 627G, 657E, 637G, 621F, 623G, 621B, 627F, 633E II 621G

    underground articulated truck
    AD55, AD30, AD55B, AD60, AD45B

    track feller bunchers
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    wheel-type skidder
    535D, 535C, 525D, 545D, 555D, 525C, 545C

    track type tractors

    multi terrain loaders
    247B3, 279DLRC, 247B2, 257B2

    track-type tractor
    D6R II D6T, D6R III D7R II D5N D6N, D11T, D6R XL D11R, D10N, D7R XR D9T, D6R, D8N, D7R, D7R LGP D6R STD D6R LGP

    wheel feller bunchers
    563C, 543, 2670D

    track-type loader
    973C, 963C, 973D, 953C

    7 to 9 liter
    C9, 3126B

    wheel tractor scrapers
    623E, 627E, 621E, 623B, 623F, 657G, 633D, 631G, 651B, 657B, 637DPP, 657EPP, 637D, 657E

    motor grader
    120M, 140G, 16M3, 120M 2 160M 2 140M 2 16M, 12M 2 12H, 14M3, 160M 3 AWD 140M 3 AWD 140K 2 12M 3 AWD 12M, 160M 3 160M, 160K, 140H, 163H, 14M, 140M, 16H, 24M, 12M 3 120H, 140, 135H, 12K, 14M-3 120K 2 14L 120K, 160H, 140M 3 14H, 18M3, 24, 140K

    wheel-type loader
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    track loaders
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    engine - truck
    C-18, 3126, C7, 3126E, C16 C15, C-12, C-10, C13, C-16, 3126B, C18, C-15

    material handler
    M325D MH M325D L MH

    asphalt paver
    AP-1000D, BG-2455D, AP-1055D, BG-260D, AP-755

    forestry excavators
    325CFMHW, 322CFMHW

    15 to 18 liter
    C18, C-15, C15, 3406C

    road reclaimer
    RM-300, RM-500

    wheel loaders
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    wheel dozers
    824C, 844H, 824GII

    cold planers

    561N, PL83, 583T, 572R II

    skid steer loaders
    226B3, 252B3, 216B3

    engine - generator set
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    expanded mining products
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    backhoe loaders
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    brush cutters,industrial,other
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    engine - industrial
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    articulated dump truck
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    MTC835, MT745, MTC765, MT855, MTC855, MTC745, MT765, MTC865, MTC755, MT845, MT835, MTC845, MTC735, MT755

    vees 27 to 32 liter

    587T, 572RII

    integrated toolcarrier
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    545D, 525D

    wheeled excavator
    M330D M325C MH W345C MH

    wheel dozer
    834H, 814F, 824G, 824G II 814F II 824H, 834G

    off highway trucks

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    earthmoving compactor
    816F II 826G, 815F, 815F II 816F, 826H, 826C, 825G II 826G II