2K-4973: LOCK-NUT
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    2K-4973: LOCK-NUT

    Part Number: 2K-4973
    Brand: Cat
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    Track Nut


    • Track nuts are used to connect the track shoes to the link assembly.

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • US
    • Metric
    • Coating: Electroplated Zinc (96 h Salt Spray)
    • Drive (mm): 14.29
    • Hardened: Yes
    • Hole Thread Pitch: 16
    • Material Description: SAE Grade 8 equivilent
    • Nut Height - 2 (in): 0.33
    • Nut Type: Hex Head Self-Locking Nuts
    • Nut Width - 3 (in): 9/16
    • Thickness (mm): 8.33
    • Thread: Coarse Thread UNC
    • Thread Size (in - TPI) (in): 3/8 - 16
    • Thread Size (mm): .375
    wheel tractor-scraper
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    underground articulated truck
    AD45B, AE40 AD40 AD55, AD30, AD60, AD55B, AD45, AE40 II

    forest products
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    multi terrain loaders
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    track-type tractor
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    track-type skidder
    527 D4HTSK II 4P 54H 517 125C D4HTSK III D5HTSK II 120C

    RR-250B, RM-350B

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    motor grader
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    track loaders
    939C, 939

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    asphalt paver
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    material handler
    MH3059, MH3049, MH3295

    SR4, SR5, XQP500, SR500

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    814B, 824H, 834B, 844H, 834K, 844KLRC

    RT50SA, RT50, RT60, RTC60

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    R1600G, R1700G, R1600H

    cold planer
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    brush cutters,industrial,other


    paving compactor
    CS-78B CB10, CP-533, CS64B, CS-68B CP-54B CB-534B, CS-573C, CP-56B CB-64B CP-433C, CS-54B CS-531, CW-34 CP-563, CP-653, CS56B, CB7, CS-533C, CCS9, CS-683E, CB-68B CS-563 CS-323 CB-535B, CW-16 CS-563C CB-66B CS-56B CB-434C, CS-433C, CB13, CD10, CS-573, CW34, CB-54B CP-68B CS-431C, CB8, CB-534, CD-44B CS74B, CS-323C, CB46B, CB-634C, CS-663E, CS-66B CB-614, CS54B, CB-544, CS79B, CS68B, CB15, CB-434B, CB-44B CP54B, CB16, CP-323C, CS-76B CS78B, CP74B, CB-214C, CD-54B CS-531C, CD8, CP-643, CP-74B CS-583C, CS-74B CS-643, CP56B, CP-323, PS-200B, CB-434, CP76B, CS-533, CS-64B CW12, CP68B, PS-150B, CB-545, CB-224C, CP-563C, PS-360B, CP-533C, CS-653, CS-583, PF-290B, CB-534C, CB-634, CP-663E

    engine - industrial
    3406B, 3306, 3412, 3208, 3408, 3304, G3608, SPT342 G3412, G3520B, SPF343C G3512, 3406C, G3408B, G3508B, C27, 3406, 3512C, C15, 3516B, G3508, C280-16, G3616, 3508B, G3306, 3508, C32, 3512B, SBF214 G3406, SPS342 G342C, 3512, G3606, 3408C, 3176B, G3516, D333C, G3606B 3516, SCT673 C18, 3408B, G3306B, 3516C, 3412C, G3520J CPT372 3408E, G3408C, SPF343 CG137-08 SPP101 3412E, 3306B, G3408, 3508C, G3612, 3406E, SPT343 3512E, 3612, SG137-08 SUF557 SPS343 C-16, SPF743, G3508J CG137-12, G3304B, 3456, C-15

    motor graders
    160M, 163H, 14H, 12H, 120K, 14M, 16H, 140G, 12G, 160H, 120H, 18M3, 140K, 120M, 160M2AWD, 140M2, 12HNA, 140HNA, 160HNA, 140M3, 160M3, 120HNA, 135HNA, 12M2

    826C, 815F, 825K, 836KLRC

    articulated dump truck
    D250E, D25D, D300D, 740, D30D, D35C, 735B, D250B, D350D, D300E, D35HP D350E, D550B, D40D, 745C, 735C, D250D, D30C, 740B, D350C, D44B, D300E II 735, 730C2 EJ D400, D25C, 725C2, 725, 730, D300B, D400E, D20D, D400E II 730C, D400D, 725C, 745 D250E II 735 OEM 740C D350E II 730C2, 740 GC

    65, 85D, 45, 35, 95E, MT855, 70C, 75C, 65D, 85C, MTC835, VFS70 55, 75, 75E, MTC865, 65E, 65C, VFS50 65B, 75D, MTC845, 85E

    skid steer loader
    249D, 256C, 246D, 257D, 216B3, 289D, 257B3, 226B3, 268B, 277, 279C, 279D, 259B3, 242D, 259D, 239D, 297D, 246C, 248B, 246B, 267, 228, 262C2, 232, 216, 299D2, 262B, 287D, 299D, 299D2 XHP 277C, 236B, 242B, 246, 272D, 289C2, 297D XHP 247B, 287, 257B, 236, 236B3, 272D XHP 226B, 252, 297C, 252B, 287B, 247B3, 257, 232D, 272D2, 242B3, 248, 272C, 226, 287C, 297D2 XHP 287C2, 236D, 262, 277D, 262D, 247, 299C, 279C2, 289C, 232B, 277C2, 216B, 267B, 272D2 XHP 226D, 299D XHP 242, 252B3, 262C, 277B

    defense and federal products
    30/30 DEUCE

    589, PL83, PL87, 583T

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT28G, IT18B, IT18, IT62G II IT62G, IT38F, IT12, IT38G II IT18F, IT14G, IT38G, IT28, IT14G2, IT28B, IT28F, IT62H, IT12B, IT14B, IT38H, IT14F

    518C, 535B, 527CA

    wheel dozer
    834S 814, 844, 854K, 834, 824G II 844K, 824B, 854G, 824C, 834B, 824K, 834K, 824G, 834U 814F, 824S 834G, 834H, 814F II

    off highway trucks
    793D, 793B, 771C, 769D, 773E, 777B, 775D, 793F, 777D, 777DLRC, 770GOEM, 773E2LRC

    385C, 350-A L 5110B 245B, 229D, 385C FS 365C 385B, 390F L 215, 225, 390F 231D, 374F L 5090B, 350 L 5080, 365C L 320D L 320D, 245D, 245, 235B, 5230, 374D L 390D L 374F 324D L 235C, 215C 215B, 350-A 325B L 385C L MH 325D L 225B

    earthmoving compactor
    836, 815B, 826K, 816F, 825G II 815F II 826G, 826C, 815F, 825C, 825B, 836G, 836H, 836K, 826H, 826B, 825K, 816F II 816K, 825 816B, 826G II 825G, 825H