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Precision machined for superior operator control state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies enable Cat® Valves to deliver superior machine performance and operator control.

Quality materials and metallurgy provide increased strength:
  • High strength material allows the valve to flex for more fatigue strength.
  • Proper forging process prevents "laps" or inclusions for better fatigue strength.

Caterpillar has been designing hydraulic components and systems for more than 50 years. One of the reasons our long term success is that we believe a component is only as effective as the system within which it operates. That means we consider the overall function of the system before we design any single part of it. It’s an approach that helps us ensure durability and performance throughout the life of the machine. It’s also an approach that promotes flexible solutions to a variety of application challenges at the component level.

Cat 3PC Valves are a great example. Depending on the configuration, priority can be assigned to one function over another. Their sectional design allows valves to be configured with two to nine sections. This offers great versatility, giving you the ability to specify a valve that perfectly matches the demands of your application.

Systems functions, such as ride control, anti-drift, and pilot supply can be incorporated into the valve allowing you to reduce hydraulic lines in the system. Integration reduces the need for add-on valves while improving response.

Cat 3PC Valves

  • Closed-center and load-sensing features improve fuel efficiency
  • Available integrated ride control
  • Priority control of functions is offered
  • Proportional flow is shared among sections
  • Five spool configurations are available
  • Internal anti-drift valves and pilot supply eliminate external lines
  • Inlet manifold options support fixed and load-sensing pumps
  • Low hysteresis and high repeatability provide dependable performance
  • Multiple port types and sizes offer greater design flexibility
  • Relief valves are available for work ports, main or margin
  • Hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuation available

With a reputation for building rugged and reliable equipment, Caterpillar has the production facilities, technical capabilities, testing and quality processes necessary to produce valves to meet your application requirements.We can incorporate enhanced technologies such as electrohydraulics or programmable hydraulic systems. In addition, systems can be designed to include pumps, motors, cylinders, fans, brakes, steering systems, hydrostatic transmissions, joysticks and much more.

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