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Cat® Turbochargers are matched to specific machine requirements. They are designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the extreme conditions inside your engine. They enhance engine efficiency and capacity by forcing more air, and proportionately more fuel, into the combustion chamber.

Stringent turbocharger testing

Caterpillar performs the most stringent turbocharger qualification tests in the industry – including structural, dynamic, and durability tests. These tests monitor fuel consumption, response time, torque rise, and heat rejection.
By selecting the correct Cat turbo for you application, and following proper maintenance guidelines, you can help ensure maximum turbocharger efficiency and engine power.

Turbocharge your truck, train, aircraft, and construction equipment engines

Cat Turbos are manufactured to achieve:
  • Tight tolerances - precise dimensions are achieved which that improve fit and function, particularly in very high speed components. This characteristic increases turbo life and lowers engine operating cost.
  • Superior balance - to increase cartridge blade life and overall turbo performance and durability. Testing has found balancing cuts on some competitive wheels where mating parts deviated from design specifications.
Here are examples of Caterpillar engines we carry turbochargers for: C13, C15, 3116, 3126, 3306, 3406, and 3406E

Cat Turbochargers are matched to specific machine requirements

Each Cat turbocharger features:
  • High quality components – including a high-efficiency, broad-range air flow compressor, high-response turbine; custom-selected compressors and turbines for optimal air flow efficiency, pressure ratio, and transient performance; engine oil-lubricated hydrodynamic bearings; and high temperature turbine housing and wheel alloys.
  • Long lasting design – including rugged radial-wheel construction, non-contact labyrinth seals, and fatigue-resistant compressor wheel alloys and construction.