6V-3965: Diagnostic Fitting
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    6V-3965: Diagnostic Fitting

    Part Number: 6V-3965
    Brand: Cat
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    Diagnostic Quick Connect Nipple

    Cat® Fluid Carrying Quick Disconnectors are held to the highest standards of quality, reliability and durability. These quick disconnectors are manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure leak free connections. Each Cat Fluid Carrying Quick Disconnector is designed to meet or exceed industry standards, where applicable, for operating pressure and corrosion protection to ensure a long life and proper machine functionality.

    • Fluid carrying component with quick connect and disconnect capability
    • Designed to meet or exceed the performance of industry standard parts and provide leak free connections
    • The image provided is for reference only. Quick Disconnector construction may differ slightly from the image depicted, but the part is designed to be interchangeable with the OEM part.

    Quick disconnectors are designed for specific applications where they connect fluid carrying hoses and tubes to other system components. These parts allow for quick coupling and uncoupling of fluid carrying hoses and tubes in order to change implements on a machine or perform regular maintenance functions that require the connection or disconnection of fluid carrying lines. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    • Material Description: Plated Steel
    engineer support tractor
    C18 DEUCE 30/30

    MTC855 65D 95E 65 55 75C MTC865 MT700 75D MTC835 75E 75 85E 85C 65E 70C 45 MTC845 65C 85D MT845 35 MT835 65B MT800 MT865 MT855

    wheel-type loader
    972G II 988G 914G 980F 966G 910K 930K 960F 962H 993K 962G 966M 926 980G II 930G 924G 950B 962G II 928F 982M 966E 950G 980H 988F 950G II 992G 972M XE 994D 988K 950 GC 938G II 966D 980C 908H 924HZ 907H 980G 924K 962M 980M 986K 914K 928HZ 924F 950M Z 980L 972G 972M 950L 972H 926E 950H 950E 908M 966M XE 988H 907K 966F 966K 990 II 950F 988B 928G 906H 916 962L 992K 966H G936 962M Z 938G 986H 990 907H2 988F II 936F 924H 936E 980F II 924GZ 938K 962K 936 950B/950E 966G II 903C2 966F II 950M 962 990H 918M 903C 980K HLG 994 950F II 970F 980K 938H 992C 907M 914G2 972K G926 992D 918F 914M 910G 908 904H G916 950K 901C 910F 938F 902C 988K XE 906M 903D 930M 906K 994K 930H 928H 994H 902 994F 966L 906 910M 908H2 910E 990K 972L HIN2021D 906H2 920K 938M 901C2 926M 908K 902C2 904B 966K XE

    engine - generator set
    C18 G3516B C15 3456 C18 GEN SE C18 I6 C13 PMG3516 G3520B C13 XQ350 C9.3 XQ425 C15 I6 C9 PM3456 C-12 C13GENSET C13 XQ375

    wheel-type skidder
    525C 525 508 515 528 518C 525B 545 535D 545D 525D 545C 530B 528B 555D 535B 535C

    off-highway truck
    785 785C 794 AC 775F 797F 785B 772B 773B 775B 771D 785D 793F CMD 69D 777D 793C 776 793F 789C 777G 796 AC 770G 770 777 777B 769D 776B 789D 775G OEM 771C 795F AC 769C 795F XQ 773E 772G 773D 793F OEM 793B 775E 775G 777E 775D 773G LRC 793F AC 773G OEM 777C 797 785G 793D 776D MT4400D AC 793 776C 768C 798 AC 789 772G OEM 797B 773GC 773F 784C 777F 770G OEM 784B 772 793F XQ 789B 775G LRC 773G

    engine - machine
    C4.4 3176C

    engine - industrial
    C-12 C13B C11 3176C C18 SPF743 3406E C15 C13 G379A C9 3516B C-16 C4.4 3176B SPF343C C-10 G379 C27 3196 C-15

    track-type loader
    953 943 963 973 963K 953C 953D 963D 973C 953K 953B 933C 963C 963B 939C 973D

    articulated dump truck
    D350E D250D D35HP 740 GC D550B D40D 730 740B 735 740 D400E D300D 735 OEM 730C2 D250E II 730C D350D D400D D300E D20D D250E 745C 735B 725 735C 730C2 EJ D44B D300E II 745 D30D 725C D300B D35C D30C 740C 725C2 D250B D350E II D400E II D350C D25C D25D D400

    TH62 TH408D TH82 RT50 RTC60 TH210 TH83 TH63 RT50SA TH355B TL1055D TH350B TL1255D RT100 TH103 TH360B TH330B TH357D TH215 TH460B RT80 TH220B TH3510D TH336C RT60 TH306D TH560B TH580B TH340B

    mini hydraulic excavator
    301.6C 304E 307D 301.8 304C CR 303.5E 308E2 SR 303.5E2 303.5 303E CR 303 303ECR 305.5 308E SR 305 304D CR 308 304E2 CR 303.5E2 CR 305.5E 302CR 307E 305C CR 305.5D 308E2SR 308E CR 304.5 308E2 308E2CR 303.5C 305E 301.7CR 307E2 308.5 308C 307B 303.5D 301.5 307.5 303C CR 308E2 CR 306 305E2 CR 306E2 309 301.6 301.8C 307C 305.5E2 CR 310 304.5E2 302.5C 304E2 305D CR 304 305E2 305.5E2 302.5 307-A 308D 308E 306E

    road reclaimer
    SS-250 SS-250B RM-300 RR-250B RM-500 RM-350 RR-250 SM-350 RM-350B RM500B RM-250C

    control, guidance, monitoring, and technology products

    motor grader
    160M 2 160K 130G 143H 160G 160M 14M-3 14M 12M 3 135H 140M 2 12G 12H 140H 120K 2 135H NA 12H NA 12H ES 120 16H 14H NA 140K 120M 120M 2 160H NA 160H 120H 140G 120H ES 140M 3 120K 24 140 24H 160M 3 12M 120L 160M 3 AWD 140H ES 12K 140H NA 14G 160H ES 120G 14H 18M3 140M 12M 2 14L 140M 3 AWD 120H NA 163H NA 16G 16M 16H NA 16M3 163H 140 GC 12M 3 AWD 24M 14M3 140K 2

    material handler
    MH3037 M325D MH M325D L MH MH3295

    wheeled excavator
    M318 M320 M318D M313C W345B II M316D M322D MH M315D M316C M322C M325C MH M325B M315C M322D W345C MH M330D M313D M318C M318C MH W330B M318D MH M312 M315

    paving compactor
    CS-76 CS-563D CD10 CS54B CP74B CD8 CB-334E XW CS68B CS-56B CB-34 CD-54B CB-54 CS-74 CP-563 CS-533E CS-54 CS-54B CS-44 CS-433E CB-22B CB-534B CB15 CB10 PF-300C CB-334E CB2.9 CP-74B CB-434C CP-54B CB-24B CS-68B CB16 CB-335E CP-64 CB-66B CB-534D CB-434 CS-573D CB-225E CP-433B CB-535B CS-44B CP-56B CS74B CS-563 CP-76 CS-433C CS-423E CB-224E CS-79B CB-32 CS-323C CW-16 CB8 CP76B CW-34 CB-32B CP-563E CS-531 CP54B CS-683E CB-68B CS-66B CS64B CB-34B XW CP-533C CP-68B CC-24B CP-433E CP-533E CS-663E CS-56 CB-334D CS-64B CS-433B CS-583E CB-36B CB-564D CP-323C CB-34B CS-573C CB-224C CC2.6 CS-583C CB-34 XW CS-563E CS-533 CS78B CC-24 CP-663E CB-225D CP56B CB1.7 CS-533C CC-34B CS-563C CS-78B CS-76B CB-544 CP-44 CB2.5 CP-533 CS12 CB-24 CP-54 CB-22 CB-534 PS-200B CB-634D CB-545 CS10 PS-300B PS-150B CB-214E CP-573E CD-44B CP44B CB-335D CS-64 CB13 CS56B CS-573 CS11 PF-300B CP-533D CB7 CW-14 PS-360B CB-434B PS-300C CS-74B CP-433C CS-583D CP-56 CS-573E CD-54 CB-54B CS-531C CP-563C CB2.7 CB-14 CCS7 CS-531D CB-64B CS-533D CS-431C CB-224D CS-583 PS-150C CB-14B CS44B CP-44B CP-74 CB-44B CB-214D CB-534C CW34 CB-634C CB-214C CB-64 CB-434D CP68B CC-34 CP-563D CS79B CP-34 CS-431B CW12 CB1.8 CCS9 CB-634 CS-34 PF-290B CB46B PS-360C

    underground articulated truck
    AD45 AD22 AD55 AD30 AD60 AE40 II AD40 AD55B AD45B AE40

    MD6200 MD6310 MD6250

    325D L 336D2 L 5130B 320D2 330C 320C L 317 N 321D LCR 374F L 325-A 345B 235C 320D 349D L 330D2 L 350 L 340F L LRE 320C 325D 336D L 330B L 390F L 320D2 GC 318D2 L 336F L 330D L 323D L 5080 329E 352FMHPU 352F 336F L XE 225D 329F L 323F 330C L 320B LL 335F 245B 345C E120B 329D 336 322C FM 336D2 XE 312C 390F 312D L 320E LRR 311B 350-A 326F 313D2 365B 349E L HVG 311C 323D LN 325C L 312B E110B 313F LGC 323D2 L 345D L E240B 330D MH 385C L 336D 329D2 320C FM 312B L 320D LRR 325C FM 320E 330F 215C 231D 320D2 L 325C 322 L 325 L 349D2 324D 330 L 323D2 320 L 314D LCR 5090B 345B L 320D FM 345C MH EL200B 323F L 319D L 336E 365C 320 GC 375-A 320E L 320B FM LL 320B 322B LN 336F 320F L 315-A 312D M325D L MH 568 FM 311-A 350-A L 340F 312D2 330D2 318C 324D L 316E L 320D RR 336E LN 325-A L 320D L 365C L 352F-VG 312-A 390D L 320-A L 315D L 330-A 322C 315C 329D L 320 336E HVG 312D2 L 330B LN 325B L 320B L 215B 345C L 326D2 314E LCR 349F LXE 330-A LN 235B 336E H 311F LRR 349F L E70B 323D 325F LCR 349 385C L MH 319D LN 315B FM L 225 336E L 314C 322B 312F 320D LN 323E L 330-A L 324D LN 324D FM LL 325D FM LL 336D2 GC 336D LN 315B 330C LN 385C 329E L 320D GC 349D 322B L 340 325D MH 313F L 311D LRR 313D2 LGP 375-A L 329D2 L 538 E120 319D 314F CR 325-A LN 320-A N 330D 314D CR 317-A 322-A N 323F OEM 336F XE 330 345B II 335F LCR 320B N 352F XE VG 325B E300B 340D2 L 336D2 323 E70 324E L 365B II 385C FS 320B S 349D2 L 336D2 L XE 328D LCR 345D 330C FM 336 GC 313B 235D 330 GC 325 LN 330 LN 329E LN 324D FM 315F LCR 330FMHPU 345B II MH 318E L 323D S 317-A N 374F 320-A 336F LN 336F LN XE 349E 325-A FM L 225B E200B 316F L 340D L 312E L 313D 325B LN 318D L 374D L 5110B 219D 345D L VG 322 LN 320B U 568 FM LL 336E LH 312D2 GC 326F LN 330F L 320D2 FM 385B 312F GC E140 E240C 349E L VG 330F LN 318B N 320-A S 326D2 L 326F L 323F LN 325D FM 365B L 323F SA 324E 229D 317B L 315B L 229 312E 330-A L 322-A L 345 GC 318B 320D FM RR 321B 390D 330D FM 319C 329D LN 315-A L 336E LNH 336FMHPU 322-A LN 323E LN 349E L 323D3 349F 352F OEM 365C L MH 312C L 313D2 GC 325F 307 E110 314E CR 558 323D SA 320N M325D MH 336D2 LXE 322-A EL240B EL240C 317B LN 5230B 320B LU 219 324E LN 320E RR 340F L UHD 313F EL300B 352 5130 313F GC 330C MH 326D L 307-A 320D3 330F OEM 320E LN 5230 323E SA 321C 322N 330D LN 336F LNXE 318F L 318D2 330B 215D

    wheel tractor-scraper
    657 631K 657E 633D 637K 631E 637D 627E 621G 621H 623E 657G 627F 623G 657B 621E 621K OEM 627H 623F 621F 627K 637E 627G 631G 623H 613C II 633E II 631D 623B 613C 621B 637G 615C 613G 627K LRC 623K LRC 651B 623K 621K 615C II 651E 621S 611

    earthmoving compactor
    825C 836K 815K 826C 825K 826H 825G 816F 815F 826K 816K 816F II 826G 836G 826G II 836 836H 825G II 815F II 825H

    SR4B XQP500 WEG SR4

    engine - truck
    3406C C-10 3126E C-18 C-12 C7 3126B C15 C-15 3406E C13 3406B C11 C9 3176B C-16 C16 C-9 C18

    petroleum products
    WSF223 SS TH35-C15I WS255 XD TH31-E61 WS305 XD C11 TH35-E81 CX31-C15I C18 CX48 C13 C15 TH55 C7 CX31-C9I WSP255 WS223 SS WSP305 TH31-C9I CX31-P600 WSP223 CX38-P892 TH35-C11I CX48-P2300 CX35-P800 WSF255 XD CX31-C13I TH48-E80 WSF255 SS TH35-C15T WSP273 CX31-C18I TH31-C9P TH48-E70 CX38-P800 WS255 SS TH35-C13T TH55FT-E90 CX31-C11I TH31-C9T WS223 CX35-C18I TH35-C13I WS255 WS223 XD WS273 XD WSF255 WSF223 TH48 C-15 3512E TH55-E70

    work tool
    VRG-25/2 H115S S390 S3090 VHS-40/3 S30350 MP15 MP40 S3050 S3070 HEX-WEDGE VHS-70/4 VRG50 PIN GRAB S320B G320 120 VHP-40 DLK426 H130S VHP-50 VRG30 G315B H195 VHS-70 G315 VRG40 VHS-70/3 S2050 VHS-40 S325 VT60 S465 VHS-50 FUSION S2070 S440 H180DS S320 VT40 MP30 VRG-20/2 VHS-60 H140S P360 VHP-30 P315 S340B G310B P235 MP20 VHC-40 VHC-30 VHS-10 S365B S305 H140DS S365 160 G330 VHS-30 VHS-60/3 VHS-60/4 VHS-50/3 S2090 S490 VT50 S325B VT30 S385C STIFF LINK H160S P215 G320B P325 H140CS 130 S385B H160DS VHC-50 S365C PRE426 140 H160CS VRG-30/2 VHS-30/3 H120S 115 P225 S340 P335 H180S H120CS

    cold planer
    PM-565 PM825 PM-200 PM822 PM312 PM310 PM820 PM313 PM622 PM-465 PM620 PM-565B PR-1000C PR-1000 PM-201

    forest products
    TK741 559C 1190T TK381 1390 TK732 HF201 580 HH75 2384C 521B TK721 522B 543 SAT322 TK752 563D HF221 522 TK370 551 1190 532 SC-57 579D 553C HF202 TK722 586C 1290T SH-56B 541 2 2290 560B HF222 584HD 2484C 554 511 579C TK751 HF181 574B 580B 2670C 2491 2570C HF201B 550B HH45 2484D 548 HA871 573C HH55 570 570B 558 521 550 HA870 TK371 SH-58 HA771 574 533 SS-56 SAT323 TK711 2570D 552 HFW221 2670D 2590 584 559D HFW232 573D 227 322C HH65 552 2 563C TK1051 2384D 2470C 541 SAT318 2390 TK380 539 345C 564 HFW222 HA770 1090 2391 2864C

    track-type skidder
    517 D4HTSK III 54H D4HTSK II 527 D5HTSK II 4P

    backhoe loader
    416C 426C 428E 420E 427F2 428 430E 426 F2 432E 438C 428F 416 432D 442D 430F 416D 428D 420D 424D 430D 426 432F 436C 434E 416B 430F2 450E 432F2 438D 426B 444E 434F 422E 416E 440 436 438 424B2 415F2 IL 444F 436B 428F2 422F 420F 428C 438B 424B 416F2 416F 422F2 434F2 446B 414E 428B 442E 415F2 446 420F2 424B HD 444F2 450 446D 450F

    skid steer loader
    242D 262D3 262B 247B 299D2 XHP 216B3 277B 262D 239D 239DR 279C2 297D 226 252 279C 246D3 226B 272D2 226D 216 299DR 299D3XHP 268B 246D 299C 226B3 248B 2236D3 267 299D2 257D 289D 262 D3 242D3 232D 216B 252B 279D 247B3 226D3 248 289D3 228 252B3 257 277 289C 272D 272D2 XHP 262C2 257D3 242DR 236B 259D3 262 259D 287D 272D3XHP 287 236D 277D 236DR 287B 299D XHP 242B3 257B 272D3 277C 249D3 232B 242B 257B3 267B 242 279D3 249D 297D XHP 246B 287C 262C 256C 299D3 XE 246C 297C 299DR XE 259B3 289C2 299D3 272C 232D3 246 247 236 297D2 236D3 287C2 239D3 272D XHP 277C2 232 299D 297D2 XHP 236B3

    wheel dozer
    834G 824G 844 844K 854G 824K 834U 854K 834S 834K 814F 834B 824H 814K 824G II 824C 844H 834H 814F II

    asphalt paver
    AP-1055B BG-2455C BG600D AP600F AP300F AP-1000B SE50 VT AP500F AP-655D BG-245C AP355F AP-650B BG-2255C AP-1050B AP655F AS3301C BG-260C SE60 V AS2302C BG-2455D AP-1055E AP-600D BG-260D BG-225C AP-655C AP-900B AP-800B AP655F L AP-800 AS4252C AS3251C AP-1050 BG-240C AP-800C BG655D AP-1000F BG-210B BG-230D AP-1055F BG-225B SE34VT AP-1055D AP555F AP-500E AP-800D BG1055E AS2252C BG1000E AP-1000E BG555E SE50 V AP-555E AP-1000 AP-255E SE34V BG500E AP-200B SE60 V XW AP-1000D SE60 VT XW BG-230 AP-300D SE60VT XW

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT24F IT38G IT14F IT28G IT28B IT38H IT14B IT62H IT38F IT28 IT62G IT62G II IT14G IT18 IT38G II IT12B IT28F IT18B IT18F IT14G2

    PL61 583R 589 583T 561M PL83 561N PL72 587R 561H 572R II 587T PL87 572R 578

    marine products
    3606 3608 C-12 C9.3 C12 3176B 3196 3406E 3176C

    expanded mining products
    6020B 6015 6015B MD5125 MD5075 MD6290 MD5150C HRS1220 6015 FS 6018

    track-type tractor
    D10N D7H 8A 9 D9T D6H D8T D5K2 LGP 8 D3C III D7R D7G D6R II D6R D5K LGP D6T 10 D6M D7R II 59 D6N D9R 6A D6 D7G2 8U D4H D4K XL D5K XL D4C III 57H D5H 9U D5G D6R XL D6R III 4S D6R LGP D6N LGP 10U D8R D5C III 5P D5H XL D6E 7 D6H XR D8R II D3G 6S D9N D8L D5R2 D11T 56 D6T LGP D10 D4G 8S 6 D6T XW D8N D6 XE D6H II D5B 54 D6K2 LGP 9S D3K2 LGP D6K2 56H 11 D6K LGP D6K XL 4 D10T 7S D5M D6K 7SU 7A 6SU D4H XL D5R LGP D6H XL D7R LGP D11N D11R D7E D6G2 LGP D6G2 XL 11U D5N 10SU D6K2 XL D6T XW PAT D4K LGP 4A D6N XL 9SU D9L 9C 8SU D6T XL D4K2 XL D7R XR 55 5S D6T XL PAT 59L 58L D6G D5K2 XL D10T2 7U D3K LGP D3K2 XL 4P D6T LGPPAT D10R 10S 59N 5 58 D5 D6F SR D6G SR D7E LGP D4H III 11SU D4K2 LGP 10C D5R XL 5A D6R STD 57 7S LGP D3K XL D6N OEM

    load, haul, dump
    R2900 R2900G R1700G R3000H R1600G R1300 R1600 R1600H R1300G II R1700K R1300G R1700 II

    oem solutions
    TA22-M4WD TA19-M4WD CX31 TA19-M2WD CX28 CX31-P300 TR53 CAT WDS TA22 TR35 CX35 777G