Battery Service Equipment

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If you require a battery tester, battery charger, battery booster or a set of jumper cables, this is the place to find it. Cat Battery Service Equipment includes all the tools you need to keep motor vehicles and battery-powered equipment in tip-top shape for optimal charge and starting capacity.

Available Equipment:

Supplies that keep your batteries in shape and charged. We offer a variety of battery service equipment including cable cutters, 12 volt and 6 volt battery chargers, and more.
  • Battery Chargers (Choose a Portable or Heavy Duty Battery Charger)
  • 6 volt battery charger
  • 12v battery charger
  • 24 volt battery charger
  • Battery Charging Rack
  • Battery Testers
  • Battery Cable Repair Kit
  • Battery Cables and Replacement Jumper Cable Clamps
  • Battery Service Equipment Box
  • Heavy-duty Plug-In Starting System
Other supplies, Including Butt Splice Tools, Cable Cutters, and Right-Hand and Left-Hand Battery Crimping Tool Options