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Conditioning surfaces with conventional abrasive discs often results in dimensioning, gouging, or undercutting. Wire brushes don't thoroughly remove contaminants which can lead to rework. Their wires can become loose, fly off, and injure an operator. Surface reconditioning discs can help reduce or eliminate these problems. They deliver superior, consistent finishes when you need to clean, deburr, blend or finish.

Our abrasive disc selection includes:
  • PSA Sanding Discs
  • Aluminum Oxide Discs
  • Surface Conditioning Discs for Aluminum
  • Zirconia Flap Discs
  • Roloc Bristle & Surface Conditioning Discs
  • Cloth Backed Discs
  • Hook & Loop Sanding Pads
  • Aluminum Oxide Stick-It Discs
  • Clean ‘N Strip Spindle Mounted Discs
  • Mini Grinding Discs
  • Pad Holders
  • Backing Pads for PSA Discs
  • Bristle Discs