Lighting and Electrical Products

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Flashlights and Flashlight Battery Packs

  • Heavy-Duty Flashlights and Batteries
  • Inspection Light (with Lifetime Warranty) and Inspection Light Batteries
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Hi-Energy Battery Chargers
  • Double A (AA), Triple A (AAA), C-Cell, D-Cell, 9 Volt (9V) Batteries and much more …
Cat® Heavy Duty Flashlights and Batteries for industrial, marine, and public safety applications are engineered to comply with government safety standards. Cat Flashlights are tested for impact resistance, water and chemical resistance, and control switch consistency.

Work Lights, Extension Cords and Electrical Lighting Products

Whether your lighting needs call for a heavy duty contractor Extension Cord, Portable Fluorescent Lamp Lighting, Angle or Ratchet Lights and Bulbs, Pole-3 Wire-Grounded-NEMA lighting (for outdoor construction sites, damp work environments or use with tools, motors, grinding machines or high pressure washers), or you are in need of hard-to-find miscellaneous electrical lighting products, all Cat Shop Supplies are readily available at your nearby Cat dealer.