Packing Supplies and Equipment

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When you need supplies and equipment to package materials and products for shipping or temporary storage you want it done properly and quickly. Regardless the size of your shipment or quantity of items you’re packing it’s nice to know Cat® Packing Supplies and Equipment will help protect your payload – no matter how big, heavy or bulky – no matter how small, lightweight or delicate.

Packing Products

  • Masking Paper
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Tape Rollers and Adhesive
  • Strapping Seals
  • Heat Shrink Bags, Sheeting and Stretch Film
  • Shrink Guns
  • Stretch Band-It Tools
  • Date-Time Stamps

We carry the packing equipment you need to create metal labels that stand up to harsh weather, temperature and corrosion; as well the tools to tag hoses, castings, engine components, pipes, and so much more.