Coolant Conditioners

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Coolant Conditioners

Cat® Coolant Conditioners are formulated for use in various Cat machines to prevent degradation and changes of machine component physical properties. These products help extend engine life and reduce machine-shop operating costs.

Coolant filters have typically been used to dose systems using Cat DEAC (Diesel Engine Antifreeze Coolant) and Cat NGEC (Natural Gas Engine Coolant) with Cat SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additive). This keeps the coolant properly treated with inhibitors which protects your cooling system from corrosion, mineral deposit formation, and cavitation of the cylinder liners.

Newer Cat models have eliminated the coolant filter since dosing the system with liquid SCA’s is more cost-effective and results in less waste. Caterpillar is currently phasing out the old Coolant Conditioners and replacing them with an additive-free filter for use in machines where these are required. The additive-free filter will allow for longer change intervals, but liquid SCA’s will be required every 250 hours if you are using a conventional coolant, such as Cat DEAC or NGEC.

Extended Life Coolant (ELC™)

To help your bottom line even more consider switching to Cat Extended Life Coolant (ELC™) at your next drain interval.
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