Returns parts are made based on the agreement established between the Client and MATCO

Only parts that meet the following conditions will be accepted:

  • The part must be Returnable. (see when adding to the shopping cart and at the moment of place the order.)
  • The part does not show oxidation, wear or visible damage.
  • The part does not present evidence of having been assembled, installed or used.
  • The parts are contained in their original packaging and the packaging is in good condition.
  • En partes eléctricas/electrónicas el empaque debe ser original y no haber sido violada.

Si las refacciones reúnen estas condiciones es necesario que se presenten en la sucursal en la cual recogieron el pedido para poder iniciar el procedimiento de devolución.


The warranty period varies according to the manufacturer, so it is necessary to contact the parts department at your store to obtain information.

MATCO Credit

Customers who have a USD credit line with MATCO may use it as long as:

  • The purchase plus the unpaid bills do not exceed the credit limit.
  • Do not have unpaid bills due.

In case of your credit line present any of these conditions the system will allow you to generate the order, however this will be in "frozen" status, so you will be contacted by PSSR to review the conditions of your credit and the eventual release or cancellation of the order.