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Hydraulic Repair Options

With a growing portion of equipment operating cost linked to the hydraulics, decisions regarding hydraulic system maintenance and repair are more important than ever before. Cat dealers are uniquely skilled and equipped with superior parts and components, system management expertise, and more repair options to help today's machine owners achieve maximum equipment productivity for the lowest possible cost.

Hose and Couplings Repair

  • XT-3 ES, XT-5 ES, XT-6 ES (High Pressure Hose)
  • Low/Medium pressure Hose
  • Special Application Hose
  • Permanent Couplings
  • Reusable Couplings
  • ToughGuardTM Cover Hose (Ultra Abrasion Resistant)

Hydraulic Cylinder Groups and Assembly Repair

  • New Cylinder Group
  • New Cylinder Assembly
  • Cat Remanufactured Cylinder Assembly
  • Dealer Exchange
  • Retube
  • Light Hone
  • Reseal

Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Assembly Repair

  • New Hydraulic Cylinder Group
  • New Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Assembly
  • Cat Remanufactured Cylinder Rod Assembly
  • Dealer Exchange
  • Rerod
  • Rod Straightening
  • Reseal

Piston Pump / Motor Repair

  • New Pump/Motor
  • Cat Reman Pump/Motor
  • Dealer Exchange
  • Barrels, Port Plates and Piston Assemblies
  • Precision Lapping
  • Rebuild
  • Reseal

Gear Pump / Motor Repair

  • New Pump/Motor Group
  • Cat Remanufactured Pump/Motor
  • Cat Classic Pump/Motor
  • Dealer Exchange
  • Section Kit
  • Rebuild
  • Reseal

Vane Pump / Motor Repair Options

  • New Pump/Motor Group
  • Cat Remanufactured Pump/Motor
  • Dealer Exchange
  • New Cartridge
  • Cat Reman Cartridge
  • Reseal