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Four Reasons Why Cat® Gears Make a Difference

1. Precise gear tooth crowning: Cat® Gears carry the precise level of crowning matched to the system loads they will experience as dictated by the vehicle design and application. This crowning helps redistribute loads to the middle of the gear tooth face and away from edges which are prone to cracking. Too much crowning results in excessive wear while little or no crowning can generate cracked edges. Proper crowning reduces pitting and breakage and extends the life of components like transmissions and final drives.
2. Proper fillet - Root geometry: Carefully designed gear tooth profile and root shape reduces stresses which can lead to tooth spalling, cracking or breakage. This results in unexpected failure, equipment downtime and higher repair costs for owners. Interference between gear teeth not only reduces the life of gears but causes excessive noise during operation.
3. Heat treatment: Cat gears undergo a variety of heat treatment processes that are all matched to the application demands they will experience. This careful design and manufacturing consideration provides longer life and greater reusability, thus saving customers money.
4. Designed for reuse: We design our gears to be reused at the time of rebuild by incorporating carefully designed crowning, heat treatment and surface finishes. With good equipment maintenance practices, gears are reusable for multiple lives. The extended life and reuse should be considered when comparing prices in the marketplace.