PARTS RETURN POLICYRIMCO, INC. has a liberal parts return policy that is designed to be fair to both the customer and RIMCO, Inc. We ask that our customers’ works with us to insure the parts return are kept to a minimum.RIMCO, INC. will provide support which is second to none in the industry and we thank our valued customers for their cooperation. We felt that is important for our customers to realize that proper preparation before ordering parts will result in ordering the correct parts in the correct quantities needed. This will not only minimize returns of unneeded items, but will allow us to serve you faster and at a savings to you.1. All parts indicated on the packaging slips as nonstock or if there is an asterisk (*) in the NR column are nonreturnable. All gaskets and hydraulic hose assemblies are nonreturnable.2. All other parts to be returned must be serviceable, free from corrosion or damage of any kind. These must be returned with 10 days after purchase date or with no reference to the document number of this packing list to be accepted by credit. Any items returned more than 10 days after purchase date or with no reference to this packaging list, will be accepted subject to the discretion of the Parts Manager. Restocking charge 20% at a minimum will be charged on any parts returned. Prior approval by RIMCO, INC. is required for all parts returned. 3. Returns where material is of questionable value due to poor condition or parts which have been removed from original packages will be handled on a “flat rate” or quotation basis, if acceptable.4. Any parts ordered made in error due to some fault of RIMCO, INC. employee as determined by parts supervision, will be accepted for return without penalty to the customer, provided that such a problem is reported and the parts are actually returned within 10 days of purchase. Credit will be given at the full purchase price.RIMCO, INC. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY AND ALL PARTS RETURN REQUE STS. Our responsibility ceases when shipment has been delivered in good order to transportation company. If the shipment arrives in bad order, have receipt noted by carriers agent. Claims for concealed shortages and/or damages will not be considered unless made in 10 days after receipt of shipment. Any changes in parts numbers have been made to ensure your receiving the latest improve parts, entirely interchangeable with those ordered.TERMS AND CONDITIONS Our terms of payment for Parts and Services are: 2% -- 20, Net 30 days. We charge 1% monthly on any parts due balance over 30 days from date of invoice. Claims on invoice should be submitted with (10) days from invoice date. Title of merchandise, equipment or parts remains with the vendor until full payment is made.Debtor voluntary and expressly agree to be under the jurisdiction of the San Juan courts in the event of any judicial action of any of the parties concerning this invoice.CATERPILLAR AND RIMCO, INC. WARRANTIES—PARTS, PRODUCTS AND COMPONENTS For information on warranty please call Parts and Service Manager at RIMCO