Cab Air Filters

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{imgAlt}Cabin air filters for off-road machines need to be robust and offer superior performance in challenging environments including those with high levels of dirt particles, sawdust, chaff, dust and more. Cat® Cabin Air Filters provide this high dirt-holding capacity which protects the cab heating and cooling system for the specified service life of the filter.

In addition, a properly sealed cabin is an operator’s best protection against airborne irritants. Choosing the correct cabin air filter has a significant impact on the health and safety of the operator. Cabin air filters are selected based on application and are available in a variety of efficiencies:
  • Standard Efficiency Filters are available for all equipment models. They are designed to prevent dirt, soot and other contaminants from entering the cab under normal operating conditions.
  • High Efficiency Filters are recommended for extremely dusty environments. They have improved dirt-holding capacity that may extend service life, depending on the operating conditions. These filters provide higher initial and overall efficiency for improved performance.
  • Activated Carbon Filters are recommended in situations where odor is a problem. High performance activated carbon ensures a fast rate of absorption to quickly remove eye, nose and throat irritants. Higher contaminant capacity extends life and reduces maintenance costs. There is no adverse effect on air flow, heat or air conditioning performance.
  • Lower Restriction Filters are recommended in situations where there is poor cab air flow. They allow for more air flow into the cab while providing capacity similar to a standard efficiency filter element.

Cat Cabin Air Filter elements are built with precise designs and dimensions for optimal fit and performance of your Cat iron. Use of will-fit filter elements may expose the operator to an increased level of environmental irritants resulting in an uncomfortable and unproductive operator environment.