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Land Drilling Engine Bundled Repair Kit

Frequent site switches, tight schedules and an operation that never stops. We know you don’t have time for an overhaul, but it doesn’t mean your engine doesn’t need one. It’s why we’ve built the Land Drilling Bundled Repair Solution. It’s made for more uptime – made to match your crew’s pace.From Foundational to Optimal levels, choose a flexible repair option for your top end or major engine overhaul. Only genuine Cat® parts are included, and that means each part is manufactured to our standards and are backed by our Cat dealer network. It’s our job to ensure that when you overhaul an engine, it runs to your standards.

Land Drilling Engine Overhaul Solution

  • Built on expertise
  • Built with genuine Cat parts
  • Built for easy parts selection
  • Built for an industry short on time
  • Built for a crew on the move
  • Built to restore
  • Built for value
  • Built by the name you trust - Caterpillar
  • Built just for you