Grease Guns

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Keeping your Cat® machine properly lubricated is an important part of regular maintenance. Cat Grease Guns are made to meet a wide variety of lubrication applications wherever your machines operate. There are essentially three types of grease guns:

Hand-powered grease guns with a trigger (manual)

Grease is forced from the aperture by back-pressure by hand cranking the trigger component of the gun that applies pressure to a spring mechanism behind the lubricant that then force-feeds the lubricant through the nozzleipple.

Hand-powered grease guns without a trigger (manual, electric or battery)

Grease is forced through the aperture by the back-pressure increased when pushing on the butt of the grease gun that then forces a piston to slide through the body of the tool pumping the lubricant through the aperture.

Air-powered or Pneumatic grease guns (electric or battery)

Compressed air is directed to the gun by hoses that force the grease through the aperture.

Our wide-selection of innovative and ergonomically designed grease guns includes Pistol Grip Grease Guns that are built to perform in demanding and close-quarter applications.

All Cat heavy duty Hand Tools, Grease Guns, and Hose Assembly Kits are built for ease-of-use and maximum durability.