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Cat nuts and corresponding hardened bolts, screws and washers form a matched hardware system that creates consistently high-clamp loads. Our extensive inventory of nuts comprises a wide range of various sizes, finishes and grades, making it easy for you to find the exact type of nut you need.

Nut Types:
  • Coarse Thread Nut
  • Cutting Edge Nut
  • Fine Thread Nuts
  • Heavy Hex Nut
  • Hex Head Nut
  • Hex Jam Nut
  • Hex lock Nut
  • Hexagon Jam Nut
  • Hexagon Nut (Hex Nut)
  • Hexagon Self-Locking Nut with Plastic Insert
  • Inch Nut
  • Metric Nuts
  • Self Locking Nut
  • Threaded Nut
  • Track Nut
  • Unc Nut (course thread nut)
  • Unf Nuts (fine thread nuts)
  • Wingnut