Piston & Piston Rings

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Quality materials and controlled processes ensure top performance and long life

Built to meet your engine’s demands Cat® Pistons and Piston Rings are vital to controlling the combustion process and transferring mechanical energy to the crankshaft. To protect your engine from harsh conditions, Cat pistons and piston rings are:

  • Designed to work and wear as a system in your Cat engine for smooth, efficient operation and long life
  • Manufactured and tested to close tolerances to ensure top engine performance.
  • Heat treated to deliver strength and durability during engine operation

Quality materials and controlled manufacturing processes means that Cat piston crowns can be remanufactured for a second life. Cat Remanufactured Cylinder Packs offer same-as-new performance, long life, and quick turnaround—all at fraction-of-new prices. Contact your nearby Cat dealer to learn more.

New Cat Pistons and Piston Rings are designed and manufactured using quality materials and controlled processes for maximum performance and durability.


  • Improved structural capability of the single piece forged steel piston simplifies assembly and eliminates the number of parts
  • Plasma coated top ring is designed to reduce ring and liner wear
  • New oil jet with high oil velocity provides more concentrated cooling

Piston Rings

  • Heat treatment and proper fit ensure long life and less wear
  • Heat treatment provides maximum hardness, which extends life
  • Rings fit precisely into piston ring grooves, reducing ring band wear
  • Plasma-coated top ring

Caterpillar randomly tests competitive parts to determine quality differences. These comparisons consistently reveal the following shortcomings about competitive pistons and rings:

Competitive pistons

  • Imprecise fit can cause liner scuffing and piston seizure
  • Partially disbonded ring bands and out-of-spec ring grooves can cause blowby and cylinder damage

Competitive rings

  • Thin chrome plating can reduce wear life
  • Soft, gray iron construction can reduce durability and lead to failure