Fluid Sampling Equipment

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Regular fluid sampling and analysis through Caterpillar S•O•S™ Services gives you detailed information about machine fluid condition, component wear and more. Cat® Fluid Sampling Products help you when taking and sending lab samples.

Fluid Sampling Products, Services and Benefits

  • Broad line of fluid sampling extraction tools for both pressurized and non-pressurized compartments
  • Non-pressurized vehicle compartments include final drives, differential compartments, transfer cases, axle housings, etc.
  • Pressurized oil sampling is a fast, economical and clean method of obtaining oil samples from pressurized systems
  • Valve locations provide oil sample confidence and continuity because the sample is taken from a continuous flow of oil at a known location
  • A probe is available that allows the valve to be quickly flushed prior to taking the oil sample
  • The sample bottle group can be packaged and sealed in a plastic bag to ensure cleanliness
  • Better represents oil condition because the oil is continually mixed and circulated
  • 10 to 20 times faster than sampling oil from non-pressurized systems
  • Mailing container is available so the oil sample can be mailed to the testing laboratory

Cat Fluid Sample accessory products include bottles, dust caps, vacuum pumps, tube cutters, oil sampling valves, O-Ring seals, and more.