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Good for Customers

Cat fluids have been developed and tested by Cat to optimize the performance and the life of Cat engines and machines. The quality of finished oil is dependent on the quality of the base stock, the quality of the additives and the compatibility of the base stock and additives. Cat fluids are formulated of high-quality refined oil base stocks and additives of optimal chemistry and quantity in order to provide high performance in engines and machine components. Cat fluids are used for factory fill of Cat engines and components and are offered by Cat dealers for service fills and as aftermarket products. Consult with your Cat dealer for more information on these Cat fluids.

Good for Business

The remanufacturing program is based on an exchange system whereby you return a used component (core) in return for our remanufactured products. Reman options are one more way we support your equipment and help you lower owning and operating costs.

Good for the Environment

Because we are in the business of returning end-of-life components to same-as-new condition, we reduce waste and minimize the need for raw material to produce new parts. Through remanufacturing, we make one of the greatest contributions to sustainable development—keeping nonrenewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes.