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Cat® Piston and Gear Pumps and Motors are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the unique performance requirements of Caterpillar equipment models they are used in. This ensures they achieve the specific machine performance, reliability, durability, operating costs and productivity requirements.

Advanced electronic controls let you switch dynamically among three distinct control modes: load sense, pressure control, and displacement / flow control -all while managing engine underspeed control.

The design and manufacturing of Cat Piston and Gear pumps and motors also allows for a variety of service and repair options.

Gear-type Pumps and Motors

  • Reseal
  • Rebuild
  • Section kit
  • Cat Reman pump
  • New pump/motor
  • Cat Classic™ pump

Vane-type Pumps and Motors

  • Reseal
  • Cat Reman cartridge
  • Cat Reman pump/motor
  • New cartridge
  • New pump/motor

Piston-type Pumps and Motors

  • Reseal
  • Rebuild
  • Precision lapping
  • Cat Reman barrels, port plates and piston assemblies
  • Cat Reman pump/motor
  • New pump/motor

Maximize Machine Uptime

  • Up to 25% faster response than hydro-mechanical units
  • Rugged, heavy-duty design for exceptional performance and extra-long life in mobile construction applications
  • Proven results in a variety of construction equipment, including hydraulic excavators, mobile hydraulic power units, wheel loaders, cranes and more

Where you source hydraulic repairs can have a big impact on your bottom line. While most independent shops want only to sell you parts and labor, your Cat Dealer has a different goal: helping you control costs and maximize machine uptime.