Fuel Pumps

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Fuel Transfer Pumps draw fuel from the fuel tank and push it under pressure to the injectors on the engine. Cat® Reman Fuel Transfer Pumps are developed specifically for Cat engines, to maintain a constant flow of fuel at the optimum pressure needed at any moment. All springs, gasket seals and wear parts are replaced with new. Each unit undergoes extensive testing to ensure reliability and includes all critical engineering updates for optimum performance. Regardless of the equipment it’s powering or the conditions it has to endure, you’ll get outstanding wear life and overall performance that no will-fit product can beat. And because you’re leveraging the ‘second life’ built into every Cat part, they cost a fraction of new.
  • All new gasket seals, springs and wear parts.
  • Cat Reman parts are tested to current Caterpillar specifications
  • All Cat Reman diesel engine parts come with a same-as-new warranty and off-the-shelf availability.
  • You're buying less downtime and lower repair bills, helping you achieve the lowest owning and operating costs over your engine’s lifecycle.
  • Same-as-new performance and reliability at fraction-of-new costs — while reducing the impact on the environment.